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  2. Hi, I am Thomas from Holland/the Netherlands and I have been a Command & Conquer games collector for a long time now, meaning that I collect games as well as merchandise of the Command & Conquer franchise. The last year I have been looking for Command & Conquer games and merchandise on eBay, but I haven't found anything lately. Therefore, I was wondering if you perhaps had any Command & Conquer merchandise and (older) PC games that you would like to sell. I am looking for all sorts of merchandise and games of Command & Conquer, such as: - Westwood Studios Pin Sets; - Figures (Kane Bobblehead and Gamepro/Joyride Studios Renegade figures); - Watches; - (Old) PC games (such as Tiberian Sun Firestorm NTSC edition); - The special packs (such as The Domination Pack); - Special Editions (Tiberian Sun Platinum Edition). I am also looking for other items than these, but these are a few examples. Simply let me know what you've got and what you're willing to sell and we'll close the deal! Just so that you know, I pay using PayPal and prefer using eBay (with a "Buy It Now-option" after we choose price) so that we are both protected from scam and such. An auction would be alright too, should you prefer that. So if you want to make some good money by selling any Command & Conquer items, then PM me! I look forward to hear from you. Kind regards, Thomas If you are not wanting to sell or have no tips then do not post will you, thanks
  3. Firebat

    GDI ou NOD ?

    NOD, I like to play with its Defence Class using the black hand with holy water. Also because of the defence buildings.
  4. Firebat

    Où trouver des produits dérivés...

    I made an account on the German website a week or two ago, but I never got the verification mail
  5. Firebat

    Invalid bonus code?

    Thanks alot. If you get any response then please contact me by posting here or so.
  6. Firebat

    Invalid bonus code?

    I don't know, but how else can they give me this code and make this pre-order available? Next to that, it must have been supported by EA NL (The Netherlands) because it tells me to go to their website which links me to the link. You might be right, though.
  7. Firebat

    Invalid bonus code?

    I pre-order at Bart Smit, yes. It clearly stated at their website that it had the bonus mission and soundtrack code in it. The paper (with Kane on it; looks like the front of the box) with the code on it is in my box too. The code just doesn't work. This is what it says on Bart Smit: Bestel nu en ontvang de unieke Special Edition in luxe steelcase voor de prijs van de gewone editie! Extra inhoud van deze editie is een "exclusieve missie + soundtrack"! In English this means: Order now and receive this unique Special Edition in a luxury steelcase for the price of the normal edition! Extra content of this edition is a "exclusive mission + soundtrack"! --- Tchutch: I go there, yes. It gives me this message: "Invalid promotion code. Please try again." I think I am screwed by EA, because Bart Smit did give me the paper with the code in my box, which looks rather official to me.
  8. Hello, Does anyone of you have problems redeeming your code for the bonus mission and soundtrack? When I try to redeem mine, it gives me an invalid code message. I got my steelcase edition (pre-order) yesterday and the pre-order paper with the code on it was inside the box. Whenever I try to enter the code which consists of 4 boxes each containing a combination of 4 letters/numbers, it gives me this error. What do you guys think I should do? Am I screwed?
  9. I will miss BCPT, it was always fun to watch. I hope it will go out with a blast. Maybe one day, there will be a new BCPT. I hope so, at least. Is anyone here submitting photos of their C&C collection btw?
  10. I know that, the download key in the box or case, whatever you want to call it, is fine to me. I was just wondering if there was an English version (one with the English language, not German).
  11. Firebat

    Un mammouth en papier ?

    Wow, nice creation.
  12. Firebat

    Figurines C&C Warhammer 40K par Corryn

    Amazing, they look mint. Its sad that there haven't been many official Command & Conquer figures except for those Renegade ones, as far as I know.
  13. I saw this too, I would love a Generals 2. Its been quite a while since Generals, which was, in my eyes, a very good RTS. I had alot of fun with it, at least.
  14. Firebat

    Vos collections C&C

    Nice collection. However, how come there are so many discs and almost no boxes/cases? :S