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I just joined the community. I knew of this site for a long time, I checked it like once a year, which I got to when I was bored, looking at C&C fansites. I didn't really bother signing up, because I am Dutch (hence the English). I decided to do so, though. This is because I like this site the most out of all C&C fansites, even in French ^_^.

About me when it comes to games, I like playing RTS games and quite frankly, they are the only games I still play as of today, whenever I have the time for it, because I sport alot and work/study. It all started for me with Dune II (yes, for me aswell) and later on WarCraft Orcs & Humans and Tiberian Dawn. Eventually, I also started StarCraft and the Age of Empires series. Other RTS games that I like are the Supreme Commander series, the Rise of Nations/Legends series and the Dawn of War series. Maybe one day I will post a picture of my games, it is nothing special (average), but for the fun of it.

I hope I can find a way through these forums, with them being mainly French, but I try my best. Nothing wrong with speaking Engish, I assume?

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