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Red Alert 3: Uprising, what countries had retailed versions?

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I have been looking at this site for a while now and I didn't really bother registering because its all in French (I am Dutch, but I came here because I think this is the nicest C&C site). Now that I have, I can ask a question about Red Alert 3: Uprising. I have looked at the C&C Collections of you French people and in one picture - there could be more, I noticed Red Alert 3: Uprising. Now, I know that this game is available as a Digital Download, but also retail in Germany. Does anyone know of another country besides Germany, preferably English speaking (English game, manual and case), where this game has been retailed so that I can start looking for it? Or is Germany the only country? Because then these French members who posted the pictures, must have bought a German version on eBay or something similar.

I have searched for a retail version other than a German one for a while now, but I couldn't find it. I am sure someone here knows more about it. :-)

So the question is: Is there a country, other than Germany, which has had a retailed version (I know there is a code inside and not a CD) which is preferably in the English language?

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I think there is no real "Box version". In the Box (Germany, Switzerland, Singapoor, ...) there is only a paper with a key to dowload Uprising.

I know that, the download key in the box or case, whatever you want to call it, is fine to me. I was just wondering if there was an English version (one with the English language, not German).

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C'est vrai que ça fait une différence énorme, une boite avec un morceau de papier dedans

oui il y a une énorme différence

la boite, je peux l'acheter n'importe ou avec mon argent

la version "Française" exige une carte de crédit que tout le monde ne peut pas avoir

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