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Invalid bonus code?

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Does anyone of you have problems redeeming your code for the bonus mission and soundtrack? When I try to redeem mine, it gives me an invalid code message. I got my steelcase edition (pre-order) yesterday and the pre-order paper with the code on it was inside the box. Whenever I try to enter the code which consists of 4 boxes each containing a combination of 4 letters/numbers, it gives me this error.

What do you guys think I should do? :o Am I screwed?

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You preordered with Bart Smit ? I was sure that metal box with preorder bonuses won't work...

The staff members, I think, will try to call the EA Support (or maybe not because you're in the Netherlands but don't woory they'll tell you how todo). Or you're just screwed, by Bart Smit...

I pre-order at Bart Smit, yes. It clearly stated at their website that it had the bonus mission and soundtrack code in it. The paper (with Kane on it; looks like the front of the box) with the code on it is in my box too. The code just doesn't work.

This is what it says on Bart Smit: Bestel nu en ontvang de unieke Special Edition in luxe steelcase voor de prijs van de gewone editie! Extra inhoud van deze editie is een "exclusieve missie + soundtrack"!

In English this means: Order now and receive this unique Special Edition in a luxury steelcase for the price of the normal edition! Extra content of this edition is a "exclusive mission + soundtrack"!


Tchutch: I go there, yes. It gives me this message: "Invalid promotion code. Please try again."

I think I am screwed by EA, because Bart Smit did give me the paper with the code in my box, which looks rather official to me.

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I don't know, but how else can they give me this code and make this pre-order available? Next to that, it must have been supported by EA NL (The Netherlands) because it tells me to go to their website which links me to the commandandconquer.com/redeemcode link. You might be right, though.

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