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Command & Conquer SAGA

Nouveau trailer et 1ères Reviews ! [MàJx1]


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Aaron nous signale dans son mél aux fansites les premières reviews sur le jeu :

Première Review est de 92 sur Games Radar! (PC Gamer Magazine)


Questions/Réponses à Chris Corry sur IGN


Et trailer de lancement :




[MàJ] Pour télécharger le trailer, cliquez ici.

Sinon le site officiel et les nouveaux forums sortiront finalement la semaine prochaine :

The new CommandandConquer.com and our new forums will not be going live this weekend, we are currently targeting sometime next week. I will definitely inform you to the best of my ability beforehand so you and your communities have time to prepare so you can be there when the doors open and register your name! We are working tirelessly on the production and polish of the new website and are extremely excited to finally bring it to you. I´ve been your Community Manager of C&C for over 4 years now and have dreamed of such a website as this for a very long time. The new C&C.com is going to be a true home for the entire C&C Universe and a Home we will build and evolve upon for a very long time. In fact, even in the first month of the site launch, you´ll see lots of little tweaks and enhancements.

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