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Command & Conquer SAGA

Demo en Février ?!? et histoire de Radar

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EALAPredator relance l'attente en déclarant sur le forum officiel que la démo ne sort pas ce week-end mais que février est peut être un bon mois pour ça.

No demo this weekend....but maybe February will be a good month, eh?

Par ailleurs, l'équipe de CnC3 après la venue des joueurs pro a décidé de supprimer le batiment radar des trois clans pour l'intégrer dans le chantier de construction. Si vous perdez le chantier de construction ou si vous n'avez pas assez d'énergie vous perdrez toujours l'image radar.

Hey guys,

Some quick clarification....

The primary reason why we are giving you your mini- map/radar in the beginning of the game is not only to shake things up a bit but to give both players the ability to see the mini-map, click through it, scroll through, plan strategies, having your mini-map at the beginning of the game is a big deal and after much debate, when the balance testers came in and proved their argument, we felt it would be the right choice.

The "Command Center" for each faction is still vitally important. You absolutely need it to reach your tech 2 structures and certain other upgrades and super powers. The fact that the radar is not tied to it, doesn't make it any less important...play the game..you'll see.

We also found in our focus groups that people were confused why they had no radar when they had enough power. Logically it just didn't make sense. And we tested this through a lot of people.

It just made more sense to keep your radar tied to your power and for added strategy, its now connected to your ConYard/MCV.

We fully understand we were going to get some heat from some traditionalist C&C fans, and thats alright, can't please everyone, but at the end of the day, we feel this change will bring a larger competitive set of players into C&C that may have stayed away otherwise because of the mini-map issue...seriously, its true.

Your radar is connected to your power and ConYard.

-If you lose the ConYard/MCV - you lose radar

-If you run out of power - you lose radar

And the fact that you have radar, still doesn't mean blind attacks in the beginning of the game are not possible. You are still protected by the shroud on the mini-map. You can only see what you've explored.

So bottom line, this change makes radar more logical in being tied to your power, and it gives you the ability to see the map layout, click through, and so forth without having to get to a tech 2 structure first.

Its not a change that can be explained in words, you have to play and feel it. And we know its not traditional C&C, but again, its time to shake things up a bit.

- Predator

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Deja je trouve ça idiot. Sans VCM on pouvait toujour avoir une petite base capable de voir donc de se defendre pas trop mal. Et en plus ça bousille l'arbre technologique.

Le radar était la structure donnant accés aux unités de niveau technologique moyen. Donc ça change tout. On leur avait rien demander.

Leur joueur pro c'est des connard de Blizzardien non?

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J'avoue que je ne m'attendais pas du tout à un tel changement mais pourquoi pas... s'ils considèrent que c'est mieux sans, je leur fait confiance.

Sinon bien pour la démo, ça veut dire qu'on aura peut être plus si longtemps que ça à attendre :P

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De nombreux débats ont été lancés par des "fans" sur la suppression du radar sur les forums officiels depuis hier. Tous les arguments sont bons pour critiquer cette décision d'EA.

Dans un long message sur les forums EALAPredator revient sur la méthode de balance de Command and Conquer 3.

Les "Pro Gamer" invités par EALA sont de très bons joueurs de CnC mais aussi d'autres RTS. Ils ont testé le jeu durant toute la journée avec un tournoi. Cette rencontre a été suivi d'une scéance de Questions/Réponses avec l'équipe du jeu.

EALA veut faire un jeu équilibré pour tous les types de joueurs et pour cela ils ne peuvent pas le faire seuls ni inviter tous les fans de la série. C'est pour cela qu'ils choississent des représentant de la communauté et des très bons joueurs.

Il rappelle qu'on ne peut pas vivre dans le passé et qu'il faut toujours du changement, ainsi qu'il n'y a pas de livre de loi sur ce que doit être CnC3.

Enfin il est sûr qu'une fois qu'on aura jouer au jeu ou à la démo, on comprendra les choix de l'équipe.

Guys, nough on this argument. "Pro gamer" is just a term, in other words, its a way of saying we invited gamers here that are REALLY GOOD at C&C and RTS games in general. Its never going to be fair, we can't invite every C&C fan, period.

And at the end of the day, an RTS game should be balanced for competitive play. If you don't want to play competitively, then you play single player, skirmish, or against your friends for fun.

But for the massess out there that would like to climb the ladder, compete, maybe someday see us go to WCG, be said in the same breath as "Starcraft" or "Warcraft", lets not be ridiculous, we all want as balanced a game as possible, and truth be told, we're not going to do it solely on our own. We're going to reach out to hardcore gamers who we can bring in to the studio, play the game all day long, give us valuable feedback because Greg Black can't do it all on his own. And even if he had a team of balance testers, the entire dev team, and QA...which he has all of...it would still never match the feedback we get when we put the game in the hands of gamers. For this purpose, we need the best.

Balancing C&C is not for the faint of heart and for us, its better to go with experience then none at all.

It would be nice if people were more thankful in our efforts to working with the community from the community summit to balance testing to all our commication efforts through the message boards, podcasts, newsletters. For everyone who always says we don't do enough, well I say....who is doing more, or what is enough to you?

Not everything in life is fair, thats a motto our parents all taught us.

All we want to do is make the best C&C 3 game possible using whatever resources and motives we have to achieve that.

Criticizing the radar move is not a surprise, the elite C&C fans won't understand until they play the game and of course as traditionalists, they think its a slap in the face. Its a slap in the face to think its a slap in the face Seriously....

Since when were we not allowed to shake things up, eh? Just because the Command Center used to do this in C&C, doesn't mean it has to do THAT in C&C 3.

It's like I've always said, there is no book of law that says we must make C&C 3 this way or that. But certainly, a lot of our game has notstalgic throwback, faithfulness to the fiction, almost everything you'd want in a sequel to your favorite franchise.

Its time to learn to live with change, we're not living in the past here.

When you play the demo, give it a whirl and we will see how the overall gamer population reacts. While its a critical change, its not an irreversable change, but our hearts are set right now and we think people will learn to like it a lot.

We all get jealous and envious, I mean, its tough to not be, but everyone who visits our studio for community summits or balance testing has earned their way through their work in the community or their noteriety. Its not always fair, but we do our best to select the best to represent you and make sure this community is constantly being heard.


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Deuxième post :

The change in the Radar for C&C 3 has been something long debated on our development team, swaying back and forth. The balance testers just helped confirm which way we wanted to go, they didn't make the change solely on their own.

Bottom line, when 8 hardcore gamers are all liberating with the same argument very passionately about a gameplay mechanic change, then you don't stare at them and not look at it. We looked at it, we talked heatedly about it, we discussed it deeply within the designers on the team, and we decided, lets go for it. So far, all gameplay impact has been minimal to the extent that nobody is complaining.

The basic way it works is:

-regardless of your ConYard, you NEED enough Power to have a Radar.

-if you have your ConYard but don't have enough power, then you don't have a Radar.

-if you have enough Power but DON'T have your ConYard, then you DON't HAVE your Radar

So really, your radar is now dependent on two other critical areas in your structures, structures you have at tech 1 right off the bat pretty much.

This is pretty much the only gameplay mechanic we changed because of the balance tester tilt in argument. 99% of everything else was all balance related.

We can't consult every issue on the forums because first off...

-It start threads like these where everyone starts talking loud and non-sensical, some of you have good comments though :o)

-Secondly, there are certain gameplay ideals that can't be solved without playing the game. I can't come on the forums and propose this idea, because its one of those gameplay mechanics that you have to play to see how it feels.

We played and tested, played and tested, weighed wit the balance testers, and right now, it feels right.

So all i'm saying is, we can't voice every single change on the boards, its just not possible. You guys will play the demo, you'll play the final game, and we'll see how it goes. We're feeling confident it will be liked.

This is not anything near a Stacraft clone, god forbid we should be put in a sentence like that, lol. This is a C&C game guys! One gameplay mechanic change as this, even if it is critical, does not change what the game is.

We're trying something new.

And by the way, the argument about Generals driving away fans, that argument is old and tired. Generals was a great RTS game that is still one of the most popular and competitive today. Many have tried to follow in its footsteps with its fast gameplay. Yes, it did drive away C&C fans who wanted another story in the Tiberium or Red Alert universe. That is a stinker, but at the time, the development team wanted to try a new direction.

So, now we're back to Tiberium here with C&C 3. I'm happy. I know most of you are happy. I'm looking forward to hearing comments after you play the game.


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heureusement que EA avait promis au fan la plus grande réussite et une conformité exemplaire lors du lancement du projet :evil:

il n'y a pas de livre de loi sur ce que doit être CnC3.

si justement :arrow: enlever les radar est une connerie aussi monumental que général( c'est vous dire...) :evil:

[Message Modéré par Zéphyr : TROP DE SMILEY, merci de pas en mettre 46.000 non plus]

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Vous pourriez pas arrêter un peu avec Generals ? On a compris que vous le détestez mais pas la peine de nous le répéter 100 fois... Et CnCBoy tu devrais revoir ta façon de t'exprimer, on dirait un enfant prépubère qui essaie de faire son chaud...

Moi je fais confiance à EA, je suis pour le changement même si je trouve ce choix étonnant.

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C'est pas vraiment une atteinte personnelle, simplement ce cher CnCBoy nous gêne un tout piti peu avec son langage ordurier.

Si j'avais dis que c'était qu'un sale petit -bip- là d'accord il y a problème mais ce n'est pas le cas alors restons zen :lol:

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c'est vrai que le flood ressemble vachement au tibérium...

le flood dégrade le forum comme le tibérium avec la terre...

le flood est envié par toutes les personnes comme le GDI, le NOD et les aliens avec le tibérium...

le flood permet de s'alimenter en rire comme le tibérium pour le fric...

le flood est pourtant détesté comme le tibérium...

on va sortir un nouveau jeux tient!!!

C&C: Soleil de Floodeur ou C&C: les Guerres du Flood!!!!!

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