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Trailer C&C Remastered : Toutes les infos

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Les gars, cette fois, c'est la bonne. 2020 sera une année géniale pour Command & Conquer et Alerte Rouge, les Remaster seront révelés dans un la Bande Annonce Officielle demain, mardi 10 mars à 15h00.
J'ai tellement hâte !!!!

Revenez ici, demain à 15h00, le trailer sera dispo ici :


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Le producteur du remaster, Jim Vessella, vient d'annoncer il y a quelques minutes où j'écris ces lignes, que de nouvelles musiques originales seront ajoutées par le compositeur des premiers C&C, Frank Klepacki (que l'on ne présente plus), en plus des musiques de l'époque :


Fellow Command & Conquer fans,

Over the past year, we’ve dedicated several posts to provide details on the soundtrack for the Command & Conquer Remaster. But we’ve kept one special surprise up our sleeve, which we’re now ready to reveal today.

Last year at MAGfest 2019, there was an amazing Command & Conquer setlist performed live by Frank Klepacki and the Tiberian Sons. The Tiberian Sons are a band who specialize in remixes of video game music, with members Tony Dickinson, Travis Moberg, Connor Engstrom, and Max Noel. For MAGFest 2019, they collaborated with Frank to put together a 90 minute concert of iconic C&C music from across the entire franchise. Like many of you I watched this concert streamed live and was blown away by the performance. And I knew at that moment we needed their talent represented in the Remasters.

So the next week I pinged Frank and asked if he and the band would be interested in recording the performance for the Remasters. Frank and the band loved the idea - so we made it happen. Frank and the band re-recorded their entire MAGFest performance in a studio environment, and Frank personally mixed the tracks throughout 2019. What we now have are over 20 high-fidelity tracks performed by Frank and The Tiberian Sons (spanning the entire franchise), which will be included in the Remaster at no extra charge. All tracks from The Tiberian Sons can be listened to via the “Bonus” category in the new Jukebox, and if you so choose, may be seamlessly integrated into campaign missions via the toggleable audio settings.

Now, you may remember that around this time last year, I posted a survey here on Reddit asking for the community to vote on their favorite tracks. I can now tell you the goal was to ensure we had the community’s top 10 favorite tracks represented in the studio recording. When the votes were tallied up, it turns out 9 of the top 10 voted tracks were already included in The Tiberian Sons setlist. However, there was one fan-favorite track that slipped through the cracks of the original setlist - Just Do It Up. So to deliver on the community’s top 10 vote, Frank wrote an arrangement of Just Do It Up to have specially recorded by The Tiberian Sons for the Remaster. After keeping this content under wraps for an entire year, we’re ecstatic to finally share a sample of Just Do It Up and other tracks in the video above.

We hope you are as excited about the involvement of The Tiberian Sons as we are. A huge thanks to Frank, the band members, and their visual artist, Nate Horsfall, for extending their incredible talent to the Remaster project. We anticipate these recordings will become an icon of C&C history and be listened to for the next 25 years and beyond.

But in the here and now, this week is just getting started. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for the C&C Remaster, and we want the whole C&C community to be there. Tune in at 7:00am PDT tomorrow (March 10th) to join us for all the details.


Jim Vessella


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Le trailer est sorti !

Voilà les nouvelles features qu'on ne connaissait pas :

- Editeur de maps
- Multijoueur (avec ladder et matchmaking)
- Switcher entre la version d'origine et la version 4K
- Les musiques originales et de nouveaux remix
- DATE DE SORTIE : 5 JUIN 2020 !!!
- Missions Fourmis (Ants) sont de retour !!
- Edition collector à 150$ !!! ( https://limitedrungames.com/products/command-and-conquer-remastered-anniversary-edition?variant=31700656422965 )

Aucune description de photo disponible.

- Et une version boite à 60$ ( https://limitedrungames.com/collections/command-and-conquer/products/command-and-conquer-remastered-special-edition )


- Disponible sur Steam et Origin, au prix de 19.99€ / 24.90 CHF :



- Revoir le live Facebook :


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Certains auront reconnus la boite, et non ce n'est pas anodin :D:


"Now, some of you may recognize the box art adorning these physical versions, and also being used today in many of our storefront and website materials. As some of you know, this design was created following our announcement in 2018 by longtime C&C community member Pierre “Tchutch” Maindron from CnC Saga. When I first saw the design back then, I fell in love, and believed the design represented everything special about the community support for the project. So a few months ago I reached out to Pierre, who I had known from our Community Summits over ten years ago, and asked if we could commission the design from him to be officially used for the project. Pierre was graciously supportive, and we are so humbled to have a community design be the key art and box cover for the Remastered Collection."

Source https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/fgecfp/remaster_update_and_launch_details_collectors/

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  • Moody featured and pinned this topic
il y a 1 minute, GDR-G@MES a dit :

Magnifique !

Dans le pack collector j'adore le tank mammouth, mais je n'est pas trouver les dimensions, avez vous plus d'info dessus ?


Tu n'es pas le seul à le demander mais pas de réponse à ce jour et à ma connaissance

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Bonne question !

Ecoute je n'ai plus de lecteur CD non plus ! Du coup j'ai acheté le pack anniversaire et j'ai déjà acheté le jeu sur steam :D


Mais à mon avis il y'a plustôt une copie digitale dans le pack sans doute, ce serait + logique !

EDIT> Voilà j'ai été vérifié pour toi ! C'est bien marqué qu'il un code de téléchargement du jeu pour STEAM dans le pack ;)

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Depuis l'annonce du remaster en 2018; j'attends de voir ce que ça va donner et je ne suis pas déçue du résultat ! Hâte de voir ce que ça va donner en jeu !

Malheureusement, je ne pourrais pas me procurer une version collector; mais je pourrais déjà jouer sur Steam !

J'espère que C&C Remastered sera un succès !

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