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Command & Conquer SAGA

Apoc frappe de nouveau contre le cheat

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Apoc vient de frapper à nouveau et a supprimé 200 comptes cheaters.

Reports are circulating that a massive surgical strike was laid down by APOC's Ban Hammer and his elite Army recently, destroying over 200 targets in a a series of targeted attacks against our most lethal enemies.

Word on the street is even Kane himself was impressed with the strike and applauded APOC's Army for their surgical removal of the enemies of our people. These cheaters, these hackers, these people who disconnect, they are neither friend nor foe of The Brotherhood or of GDI. They are "NOTHING" and will continue to be wiped from our society.

We must protect our way of life.

The Ban Hammer has struck and with it over 200 victims, all guilty.

Thank you,


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