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Tiberium Essence

[justify]Il est probable que le nom de ce mod ne vous dise rien. Je ne l'ai pas encore testé, mais il a l'air excellent pour une First Release. Entre autres, Titans, MLRS, Cyborgs et Mammouth MK II ont été réintégrés dans le jeu. De nouveaux sons ont été ajoutés.

Pour les plus sadiques d'entre vous, l'infanterie brule vraiment et peut saigner (perso j'ai jamais vu un soldat mourir comme d'une balle dans la tête alors qu'il a été brulé vif par un char lance-flamme, ou un autre qui se fait canarder par un groupe de soldats sans lâcher une goute de sang).[/justify]

Voici quelques images:


On voit ici un Mammouth MK II, accompagné d'un Titan, d'un MLRS, d'un Mammouth et de quelques Exosoldats.


Le transporteur du Nod, le Scarabée, ici occupé par un escadron de Mains Noires.


Quelques unes des nouvelles unités Nod. Pour les yeux d'aigles : est ce que c'est moi ou l'infanterie du Nod ressemble vraiment aux Cyborgs de CABAL ?


Plus sur les mod CnC3

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Ah...update...j'ai testé quelques tanks sur l'infaterie:tres inovateur,les soldats touché par une explosion voient leur membres voler quelques metres plus loin...

BoneWerks,tu fais un bon choix ;)

Cool, cela nous rapproche plus des C&C originaux la violence sur l'infanterie :D

Sinon, je fais toujours des bons choix :P

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Oui:le scarabé,une fois upgradé aux dozer blades,peut se teleporter n'importe ou sur la carte par la voie sous-terraine.

Pour tout savoir:

Version 1.0 - first release

New Graphic

-classic tiberium model

-human infantry bleeding after hit

-add new explosive death for human infantry - infantry explodes in blood and gore when killed by explosive based weapons (grenade, rocket, bomb etc).

-add missing flamethrower hit effect

-new burned death (experimental stage, works with laser death too)

-add chance that black hand and grenade soldiers explodes like in old cnc games (right now its just effect, explosion do not collateral damage)

-new explosion effect for juggernaut weapon warhead

-new rocket trail effect

-new rail gun effect - added projectile and new trail (feels more like tiberium sun rail guns now)

-new heroic laser for all nod units - red-orange (in my opinion blue is not true Nod color)

-bigger model for annihilator tripod, walk animation fixed (I mean weird animation lag which occurred during moving)

-alien seeker tank projectiles now travels in straight line (looks better, do not affect game balance)

-all commando units are highlighted with house color decal underfoot (I have always problem find them in crowd of other soldiers, don´t you?)

-altered nuke explosion

-altered model for avatars beam cannon upgrade

Sound changes

-new predator gun fire sound

-new mammoth gun fire sound

-mammoth move sound - louder (now you notice that this behemoth is moving)

-avatar fire sound - obelisc like sound

-new sounds for some explosive effects (taken from tiberian down, where is best sounds I ever heard in CnC game)

-new sound for scorpion tank laser cannon (from TS)

-new sound for nod base defense laser cannon (from TS)

-gdi commando sounds changed to tiberian down commando sounds (I think his voice is just cool)

-fixed missing fire sound at missile soldier and rocket militant when heroic

-new sound for gdi apc machinegun (from RA)

-new sound for nod buggy machinegun (from TD)

Balance changes:


-all missiles flying 33% faster

-added buildable walls to all factions, requires barracks to build

-heroic units gain 10% bonus to speed


-Orca strike support power - delivers double damage (up to 5000 hit points), cost - 1500. Spawning 5 Orcas.

Spawned Orcas health reduced from 3000 to 2000 each.

-Mammoth Tank - missiles 10% more firepower, speed increased to 45 (like in patch 1.1 for Kanes Wrath)

-grenade soldiers grenades - flying faster, double reload time (slower), 33% more firepower, greater scatter vs infantry, cannot fire while moving

-grenade soldiers health 10% reduced

-Zone Troopers - 10% more health, Autoinjectors upgrade increase health 40% (was 30%) and 33% faster regeneration rate

- new zone trooper armor makes Zone troopers less vulnerable to anti infantry weapons, but more vulnerable to anti vehicle weapons

-gdi guardian cannon requires weapon factory to build and have 35% more firepower.

-Sniper squad cost reduced to 1000

-Hunter killer Team support power cost reduced to 3000

-radar is moved from construction yard to command post


-nod fuel bomb support power - 25% lesser damage, cost 3000 (like in patch 1.8), bomber health 25% increased.

-nod black hand - 25% reduced health, 10% more firepower

-nod laser cannon hub requires weapon factory to build and have 35% more firepower.

-Stealth tank fires 6 missiles per clip instead of previous 10, overall firepower 20% reduced

-Beam Cannon - requires NOD Operations Center to build (is tier 2 unit now)

-Avatar - primary laser firepower reduced back to previous 1000, Cost reduced to 2000, beam cannon upgrade firepower 50% increased,

flame tank upgrade reload time doubled (slower)

-Sacred Shirne create Black Hand squad when destroyed or sold (was Shadow squad)

-radar is moved from construction yard to Operations Center


-scrin photon cannon requires Gateway to build and have 35% more firepower

-all scrin vehicles heal in tiberium

-radar is moved from Drone Platform to Control Center



Mammoth Mark II - yes, this good old mech is back better than ever. Rumor is that gdi realized, in face of nod avatars crawling on battlefield that

it was a terrible mistake discontinued this project and quickly restore its production. However, it is still very expensive and

time consuming vehicle so their presence on battlefield will be still rare. Anyway even one Mammoth Mark II on battlefield is good

news for any GDI commander.

Hitpoints - 25 000

Armor - Heavy (similar to mammoth tank)

Armament - 2x double barelled railguns (strong vs vehicles)

- 2x missile launcher (strong vs aircraft, can aim ground targets but is less effective)

- 1x double barelled autocannon (strong vs infanry)

Abilities - Self repair - Mammoth Mark II have engineers on board which do their repair duty at any circumstances

- leaving husk when destroyed

- can crash lesser vehicles under feet

Requirements - GDI Dropship Bay

- Support power Mammoth Stomp - cost 5000

- weapons factory have not capabilities to construct such enormous vehicle,

so gdi distribute Mammoth Mark II via drop ship.

- there can be deployed only one Mammoth Mark II per army

Titan - Gdi not produce this mechs anymore, though they have still few in stockpiles all around the world, and some commanders still likely includes

this relics in front of their armies for their thick armor, firepower and ability to crash lesser vehicles under feet.

Hitpoints - 4 500

Armor - Heavy (similar to mammoth tank)

Armament - 120mm cannon - (strong vs vehicles)

Requirements - GDI Command post

- Support power Titan Spearhead - Cost 3000 - a dropship deploys couple of titans anywhere on the battlefield

Hover MLRS - There was never explained by old gdi top command why they stopped production of this most successful vehicle,

but new command seems to think otherwise and suddenly restore its production again.

Hitpoints - 2500

Armor - Light (similar to apc)

Armament - 227mm long range missile launcher (strong vs. light structure, infantry, aircraft)

Requirements - War Factory, GDI Command post

Cost - 1200

Abilities - call for transport


Cyborg Squad - Kanes return inspirited many fanatics to sacrifice their lives and becomes Cyborgs - Kanes loyal servants unto death and maybe even beyond.

Armament - right hand mounted minigun (good vs infantry, light vehicles)

Armor - heavy infantry armor (similar to zone trooper)

Hitpoints - 500 per squad member (3 squad members total)

Requirements - Hand of Nod, Sacret shrine

Cost 800

Abilities - call for transport

- Die hard - cyborg resilience on battlefield is beyond any soldier, even when lost halve of his body he do not die and

continue in fight

- Tiberium heal - cyborg regenerate health in tiberium

Cyborg Reaper - Heavy four legged cyborg, originally developed by rebellious nod computer system Cabal during second tiberium war.

Now is Reaper in Kanes service, no more for harvesting people, but for his lethal weapons which includes both

anti-ground and anti-air missile launchers.

Armament - 2x anti-ground missile launcher

1x anti-air missile launcher

Armor - heavy

Hitpoints - 2700

Requirements - Nod War factrory, Nod Tech center

Cost 1300

Abilities - Tiberium heal - reaper regenerate health in tiberium

Scarab Subterrain Apc - infantry transporter, have no weapons but comes with preloaded militant squad, which can shoot out from vehicle

Can by upgraded with drilling tools (dozer blade upgrade) which improves its armor and unlock subterrain attack ability

Armament - none

Armor - heavy (like scorpion tank)

Hitpoints - 2200

Requirements - Nod War factory, Hand of Nod

Cost - 800

Abilities - Subterrain attack - Scarab APC can burrow and move under ground to designated location unseen by enemy, but this ability is limited

with distance and when dig out Scarab cannot move for short period of time.


Gdi Dropship Bay - the only place where can be Mammoth Mark II deployed.

Hitpoints - 5000

Requirements - Gdi Space command uplink,

Cost - 1000

Provides support power - Mammoth Stomp

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Le MK II est plutot fragile,meme s'il se regenere,mais il est extremement puissant.C'est un genre de véhicule que tu utilise pour foutre le chaos dans la base ennemie,détruire le plus de choses possibles,jusqu'a ce que le géant s'effondre.

Un aimant à tir quoi. mais il est très powerful, et sa portée dépasse celle de la plupart des défenses de base.

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