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Command & Conquer SAGA

Vidéo qui relance les rumeurs...


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Petite vidéo d'un artiste CGI où l'on peut voir de 3.05 à 3.26 quelque chose qui pourrait être un test pour CnC... En effet il n'est pas courrant de voir écrit NOD sur un véhicule.

Bon c'est à prendre avec beaucoup de prudence, mais bon toujours est-t-il que la vidéo est très sympa par ailleurs.

Maj... la vidéo n'est plus dispo... je remets juste le passage cnc plus loin dans le topic.


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gros montage .... ya des image de battlestar galactica , enterprise ....

bien entendu que c'est un montage. Ce gars est un artiste CGI qui montre ses créations et il a travaillé sur de nombreux projets.

Sinon pour Yuri, le FPS CnC est annoncé pour être un mélange du style Renegade et de celui de Battlefield, donc ça reste une piste

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I Love CGI, i really do.

Now i may be wrong, but you can not doubt this is C&C related, if not, EA related too.

1) Video reel date.

2) Right at the start, i mean in the first second or two, it looks like some Mech legs and possibly Mechs hanging from Dropships.

3) The style of the video reminds me a lot of Renegade, showing the guy.

4) Clearly you can see Dropships (new style) dropping down Predators and possibly a APC or a Harvester, something with a turret.

5) The tanks are with out a doubt 101% like the ones in the TFD poster.

6) I think the guy has a black GDI logo on hes left (looking from behind) shoulder.

7) The switch to First Person Mode, makes me think its connected to the FPS we have heard about.

8 ) Nod bus? Or Nod Transport.

9) Some Scrin style unit attacking the Nod object.

10) If you look to the right when he fires the missiles at the Scrin units, looks a lot like a Tiberium Spike. It has GDI on it too.

11) The HUGE Scrin unit looks like something out of War of the worlds, now if there going with scale, i would say that is a Tripod or something.

Now goto 4:08, see that gold cyborg thing? Looks to me like a concept...


Now think... some of them things are too hard to dismiss... i think we have outsells a guy who rendered possibly the opening sequence to the C&C X : FPS?

EDIT: I posted this at PPM too Tchutch ;)


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Thanks MartinMB for clearing that up ;)

Just encase Tchutch wants to put these on the site or keep them for himself...

The song from the video:


The full video:


Just the "C&C" part:


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Bon la vidéo est de Steven Rogers et sur un document de son site on lit :

Large Battle Scene:

Layout, mechanical animation, some texturing, lighting, special effects. Software:

Maya, Lightwave, Photoshop, After Effects. Client: Command & Conquer (EA Games).


et il travaille pour Zoic Studios


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sur ton montage je n'ai pas de son et si tu prends sur le site de l'artiste tu pourras avoir quelques secondes en plus, sinon bonne initiative. ;)

Bizarre, ca doit etre le fait que je l'ai fait avec Windows Movie Maker HD sur Vista...Sur mon PC avec Vista, la vidéo a du son et elle est complete. As-tu essayé de la jouer avec Windows Media Player 11, VLCPlayer et Winamp?

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Maybe you should try it with Media Player Classic...


EDIT: ThirdMonster has replied at YouTube...

For those with questions about the Command and Conquer CGI battle at 3:04:

Non-Disclosure Agreement notwithstanding, I can safely say: I don't know WHY we created this project. I was working for a television/film VFX studio when this project came in. As far as I know (at the time--over a year-and-a-half-ago), there was "some new game" being planned (I stress "PLANNED"; very early stage; may have been dumped since), and all the information I could glean was we (at the VFX house) were creating a short animation piece for the game company only. It was an internal type of job (not to be included in any specified game--except maybe as supplemental materials for a release WAY down the line). Sometimes they put things together like this just to get a feel for what the game might look like, to get their artistic juices flowing, or programmers thinking, or to get investors excited, or whatever... kind of like a movie director looking for a proof-of-concept, or even pre-visualization. I don't mean to sound vague, but that is really all I know. The project lasted about 7 weeks, we delivered it, I moved on to my next gig; life of an


Sorry I can't be any more help...but that's all I know.

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