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  2. Hows my favorite C&C forum?! Yea, i know i am not as active as i would like to be, but i do pop in from time to time! Anyhow, a few of you guys know that i like to recreate the logos from C&C games, so as there is now a new C&C, why not! A Little present for you guys!... Final versions with textures and effects to come soon!
  3. Bonjour C&CSaga! How is everyone? Been a while since i visited here! I thought i would quickly put something together as, from what i know, EA/Bioware have not released any wallpapers as of yet. So here you are, two wallpapers, based on the two screens released. Enjoy! Download Now!
  4. CCHyper

    Concours Poster Géant de C&C4 !

    Ah, nice prize, but i already got 3 of these
  5. Update: I have fixed some minor errors in the wallpapers, the link in the first post has been updated! The pack now includes a 1440x900 version too!
  6. Yea, i understand, like i said too, its nothing special.
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments, maybe ill make another C&C4 themed wallpaper. And thanks to whoever translated the post for me! I understand that is something that annoys you? The thing is, i like basic wallpapers and no one had done this yet, not even EA themself. I did say it was nothing special...
  8. Howdy! How goes it Saga? Everyone well? I got a tad bored of looking at my Hover MLRS wallpaper i have had for years now, so i thought i would make a C&C4 themed wallpaper, i know its nothing special, but it fits my desktop quite good... Anyways, preview... [---] Traduction : Comment allez vous Saga? Tout le monde va bien? Je me suis un peu ennuyé de voir mon fond d'écran Hover MLRS depuis des années , j'ai donc fait un wallpaper dans le thème de C & C4 , Il n'a rien de spécial, mais il convient trés bien à mon bureau ... De toute façon, voici l'aperçu ... [---][/img] Download: Here! Enjoy! Cya around guys! -Hyper
  9. the orignal logo? Do you mean RA1?
  10. Im working on it still, yes, just i priortise some things to get done first
  11. Well, there complete[/img][/img][/img] And C&C Saga in the RA3 theme[/img]
  12. Of course, this is just a WiP preview
  13. Heh, sure, i can do that, but i need a size in pixels, there is not really a regular... Update on the logo...
  14. I gather is a Red Alert 3 themed forum? Tell me the size you want it to be, and any information i need to know
  15. Yea? Brilliant, French version on its way