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Logos CnC by TSHyper


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Mon ami TSHyper m'a fait l'honneur de choisir CnCSaga pour exposer ses travaux.

Il travaille a refaire en haute qualité les logos de Command & Conquer avec photoshop et d'autres logiciels.

C'est un travail exceptionnel car pour avoir souvent à faire des logos pour les sections jeux au moment de l'annonce d'un jeu, je sais qu'il est très difficile de faire ce travail et encore plus en très grand.

TSHyper est anglais, il habite pres de Londres et travaille sur un mod pour TS "Tiberian Odyssey".


:arrow: http://www.cncsaga.com/dossiers/galerie-logos.html

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Hey CCSaga! How you all doing?

Tchutch, thanks for posting these, you didn't have to, nice of you to do so :)

I do have much, much more that i could show you, but i will leave that until another day ;)

Again, thanks Tchutch, ill buy you a beer if i ever meet you :D


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Great job TSHyper ! :D The quality is throughly excellent, well done.

I hope that I'm writing correctly, I didn't wrote in english since a long time. :?

Talk us about the mod Tiberian Odyssey, that name tells me something but I dont remember.

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Thanks guys, nice of you to reply, and in English too :D

I will send some more to Tchutch later, hopefully some with textures.

MartinMb, your English is fine ;)

About Tiberian Odyssey, TO for short.

It is a mod for Tiberian Sun that extends the story after Firestorm. New units, structures, terrain, effects... Totally remaking whatever possible.

You can visit he forum here: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/index.php?f=178

I just completed this just now... its from a poster that was shown at the IceLan Beta test o Red Alert 2 :D


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If you look in my above post, there is a link to the projects forum. All info and screen shots are there ;)

Tiberian Odyssey will not require Tiberian Sun or Firestorm to be installed, it will be like A Path Beyond and run on its own... hopefully :D

I plan to talk to APOC about this...

Actually, here are a few... Hope you like ;) (Sorry its messy, hard to find media :P)






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I Love the GDI logo

Great work, congratulations.

However, I think that the world would be in an very bad situation if communists symbols would be palces on the American Flag

(I didn't write in English since a long time too.....so excuse me if I have done grammar ou vocabulary mistakes)

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