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Command & Conquer SAGA

Hello from Admiral Thrawn. Some Fan-Unitprofils and C&C5 Project

Admiral Thrawn

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Hello french community, hello members of cncsaga.com.

I´m the second administrator of cncsaga.de and the fanart-leader. Together with some other interesting projects I am going to make a Command & Conquer 5. Surely only at paper. I cant modding a game and 3D-modeling isn´t my power, but I try to make the best with my pencil. At first I want to present you over 14 units I have created on my own.


If you doesn´t fit them, here they are.

- Fan-Einheitenprofil des Mammut MK 3.5

- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Jupiter Schlachtpanzer

- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: „Nods Schatten“

- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: Henker von Nod

- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Doghunter Warmech

- Fan-Einheitenprofil: Nod Spider-Drohne, Tick

- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Heartbreaker MK6

- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: Deathsnake

- Fan-Einheitenprofil: Nod Schattengläubiger

-Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Hurricane T2

The C&C5 Projekt is a really BIG projekt. I want to work with you together, to make a C&C5-Proposition. We want to send the ready game-proposition to EA.

In the program is:

-a complete story

-over 320 units

- 6 factions and 3 neutral factions

- basebuilding

- a new/old gamesysteme

- new innovations in the area of the classes (now they are going to be only 3 different techtrees, which the player can choose at beginning of the match)

- and much more.

Also tere are some concepts for a new Obelisk of light, which can tuned up with muich upgrades. Like a bunker, a flameweapon, a gatlingcanon and up to two other obelisks on the sites.

Updates are following in the next weeks!

I hope you are enjoy it!


Admiral Thrawn

(Administrator of cncsaga.de)

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here are some other profils I did at first.

the Nod Thunderdragon Fighter

the Nod Wraith (heavy anti tank/air fighter)

the GDI Hedgehog sonic-artillery

ant theNod Scimitar Battlemech (It isn´t uploaded at cncsaga.de yet)

I saw your fan-army :-) Its also really awesome. But I saw much fun-pictures. I don´t want to copy something from other films or games. The hole game-scenario is going to be seriosly. I don´t want to make a fun game. It´s just the real end of the C&C-Saga. (because much fans were disapointed with C&C4)

The story is going to be after C&C4 and it should looks like a real game.

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The Wraith makes me think of a Banshee, I like !

Ofcourse it is! Its the next better version of the banshee. It´s an remake. We thought, that every unit from older C&C-parts is going to be in C&C5. only with some changes in the design.

EDIT: sorry but I can´t speak/write french. I just learn spanish :D

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yes of course. The names of the Armies are very cool and seriously. I ask me, if we can take them into the game... C&C 5 is going to have some underfactions. Also a splitterfaction. like the EAGLE (Enhanced Armed Global Leading-organisation of Earth)

EAGLE is a GDI-splitterfaction which is going to attack the GDI with her own weapons in the first moments of C&C5.

I can tell you something from the story!

Kane is away, the brotherhood is destructed and spashed in many little groups. (like the beginning of Kanes wraith). The backgroundstory of C&C5 is beginning in the year 2081. a myteriuos new leader of the brotherhood is approaching. No one knows who he is. The brotherhood is going to rigging. In the Year 2083 a new GDI-Director is coming. His name is Gregory Black., He is the bad man who takes the GDI in dirt. He is the leader of Global INdustries. a new firma which has buyed the corrupt Idris Cooperation. much things are going wrong in the GDI in the first years. And no one has known something about the new stached brotherhood of nod.

Than in the year 2084 the catastrophe is going to begin. some things are going wrong with the TCN-system. a few scintists are disappeared. and then: in the year 2085 a worldwide problem has arrived. two of the 5 new spacestations of the GDI were sabotaged. they were glowing out of her earth-orbit and crashed into Washington DC GDI-Headquarter and eastern europe.

A horrible tiberiumcontamination began. In the same time two other things passed. At first: one of the GDI-Cruiser was attacked from a terrorist which destroyed the bridge of the brigadier-crusier which had brought some GDI-Ministers from the GDI-council to the GDI-Space-Headquarter. Some GDI-officers ment, they have seen a nod-spaceship, which has masked himself. No one could be saved. a fortune has saved the GDI-Director Gregory Black, because he had a personal transport to the spacestation.

The second thing changed the world in only a few hours. The hole TCN-System was going to implode. Two TCN-nodes were supposedly sabotaded by unknwon terrorists. The earth began to quake, and the liquid tiberium shot out of the bottom. The GDI couldn´t save many lives of civilists. The san-andreas-grave broke out, tsunamis rolled over many islands.

The Tiberium has modifies himself. So there were two new kinds of tiberium the red and the purple tiberium. The red tiberium is a modificated kind, which can only find in the sea. (later GDI and Nod are going to have navy-units because the red is much better than blue). New red zones were arranged. That what the GDI was trying to destroy, was there at once. Tiberium was on the march.

The story up to 2085. I´m sorry, but I cant translate all 10 sites of the backgroundstory. every unitprofil have some informations. I try to find some translators, so you can read it!

Command & Conquer 5 is beginning in the year 2090/2091 and has the highlight to the tiberium-century in the year 2095. 100 years after ground zero!


Admiral Thrawn

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A traitor faction with the word Eagle in her name...remind me something :D

Edit I got an idea of name for the new nod chief: Abel :P

LOL. No i have thought there must be somethin other... I thought at CABAL :D

But it´s not easy to explain it now xD It´s a difficult part of the story xD

secondly: which traitor faction do you mean with the name EAGLE? I thought eagle because it´s the animal of the GDI. So I have invented the shortcut EAGLE^^

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We could answer either yes or no to that question and support both answers with arguments :

NO :

- They helped GDI attacking Kane's forces, thus betraying the Brotherhood.

- They use an Eagle in their name and for their logo.


- They believe in evolution by tiberium and employ tiberium weapons on the battlefield.

- They employ both Nod weapons and tactics, such as stealth and hit & run.


- Both GDI and Nod and everyone hate them.

- They betray like they breathe XD

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I´ve got a genius idea:D thanks Apolyon :D thx :D

tell me something about your army.

@pailette: The EAGLE is going to be a splitterfaction of GDI, which is fighting against her. Because the GDI is murdering cicilists in red-zones. They try to make the GDI to that what they were before. But they can´t accomplish it allone. So they got support from the Brotherhood of Nod. The brother hood has a new general named General Martyrius. He has done the pact with Field General Blackhearth (the leader of EAGLE)

Here some Grafic-updates:


And here:


too see the full picture here are the links to imageshack:




Admiral Thrawn

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no :D it was just a funny name xD

At first he should be called Blackbeard :D

EDIT: Do you have some ideas for units?

1. they must be graduated in 8 stages. 1 stage lower units 8. stage very huge immortal units

(PS: the Hearthbraker is a T7 unit)

2. They can be water, underwater, air or groundunits

3. If you can do it: write them down in unitprofil-format like the original official profils.

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Awesome drawing...

I got an unit idea but I prefer to explain in Fr cause mi English level doesn't allow me to explain as i want

Name: Anaconda

Technical level: T6

Designation: Underground underwater bombardment unit

Affiliation: Nod

Armament: Lateral canons, underground shell, torpedoes


Before the second tiberium war the Nod develop the underground moving technology in the aim of counter GDI air superiority and the Anaconda is the apogee of this technology,

Most of defenses can't do anything against her because she moves too deep into the ground thats why one of her can destroy an entire base without getting damages

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NOD Anaconda

Submarine unit/Subterrain bombardment unit.

The Anaconda the combination between a submarine,a subterrain transport unit and a gunship:

It can moves in the water or underground and it attacks the ground or sea target with a bombardment or torpedoes.

She attacks with shells like the ones of the Underminer or with torpedoes in the water,for that It moves in circle around the target like the bombers or gunships.

J'ai essayé de traduire en remplaçant les mots/locutions que je ne connais pas.

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@Admiral Thrawn : The Death Confessor Division is a fanatic faction under direct Kane's Order created after the end of the Tiberium War of C&C3. Specialized in commando-strike, air-strike and artillery bombardment they use high technologies, like nano-weapon, to destroy the enemies of Kane and the heretics. The central command center of DCD is a spatial-station named "Belzebuth". It can launch Redeemer Spatial-Strike (a Redeemer in a spatial Drop Pod) and Avatar Spatial Strike (full ameliorated Avatar in a Spatial drop-pod). DCD's commandos use flame-thrower weapon to purify the battlefield and artillery use phosphor-tiberium ammunition for ... I will edit this post... I must go...

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