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Command & Conquer SAGA

Message de Mike Verdu, Patch 1.03

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Avec le lancement de CnC3, quelques personnes ont des difficultés à se connecter et à jouer en multijoueurs.

Mike Verdu à voulu intervenir personnellement pour signaler que même si ces problèmes concernent une minorité de joueurs, il prend cela très au sérieux e que toute son équipe va travailler tout le week-end pour comprendre et corriger ces bugs.

Le patch 1.03 devrait sortir dès ce weekend et surement un autre dans la foulée. Ils veulent un jeu parfait en multi.

Message from the Executive Producer, Mike Verdu:

While I´m delighted that people are having a blast with the single player campaign and skirmish modes of the game, I´m disappointed that we´ve had some teething problems with the online multiplayer. Most of our customers are able to play on-line, but I know that a number of you are having trouble - and I owe you an apology. Some of you can´t connect to C&C Online and others are having issues once on-line. This is unacceptable, especially for a product that we designed for competitive multiplayer game play. I am sorry that you are encountering problems and I want you to know that the development team is working very hard to understand the issues, fix the bugs that affect the largest numbers of people, and roll out patches as quickly as possible.

We have issued one patch already and we have two more in the works. I believe we have a bead on the issues that affect the most people and I expect that we will solve these problems in a matter of days.

Just to be clear: Not everyone is having problems playing on-line… the majority of people are able to get online, play games, and a have a great time. For those that are having problems, please bear with us. We will fix these issues and make C&C the great online multiplayer game it was designed to be – and we ask for your patience as we work through the issues.

Mike Verdu

Executive Producer

There you go guys, message straight from the big man. We will be working through the weekend and continuing to address issues and work towards release of 1.03, hopeful for this weekend. -Predator

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Les premiers patchs étaient plutôt des correctifs rapides et mineurs, rien de lourd, je pense que la on va maintenant avoir affaire aux modifications d'équilibres, etc... ^^

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