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Battlecast Primetime lundi !


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Bon finalement ils ne nous ferons quand même pas attendre une semaine... juste le week-end.

Battlecast PrimeTime revient lundi avec l'interview du producteur de la version Iphone, des images de la Salamandre, une unité du Nod Support, et bien d'autres choses...

A new episode of BattleCast Primetime strikes down this Monday and you better be prepared, Commander! Your favorite BCPT host, Raj Joshi will bring you a first in-game look at the Nod Salamander from the Support Class; APOC sits down with the Executive Producer of C&C Red Alert iPhone for an exclusive interview, and Jeremy Feasel is joined by legendary community commentators EyeAmZero and TheGunRun in the Main Event where LDS3 champ Technique defends his honor against AeoNiaN in the return of Kane's Challenge! The 10, APOC's Corner, and much more jam pack this episode.

et voilà quelques photos en avant première du prochain show !

mini_1257578273RajBCPT.jpg mini_1257578300APOCBCPT.jpg

mini_1257578327FeaselGunRunBCPT.jpg mini_1257578351APOCDanBCPT.jpg

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