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Battlecast Viewer et nouveau site Battlecast

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EALA vient de sortir le programme Battlecast viewer qui vous permet si vous n'avez pas le jeu Command and Conquer 3 de regarder des matchs et des replays gratuitement. Le logiciel n'est dispo actuellement uniquement en anglais mais il devrait l'être d'ici demain en français et en allemand.

ftp://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/misc/c_c/BCV/CNC3BCV_english.exe (attention la version fr sort demain)

Sinon le site Battlecast change pour être beaucoup plus rapide. Il vous permet une fois connecté de retrouver tous vos replays de vos matchs en clic mais aussi ceux de votre clan, ceux des "tops matched" (meilleurs matchs sélectionnés par des algorythmes) et des "historic matches".

En 1 clic depuis le profil d'un joueur vous pourrez voir tous ses matchs, et télécharger les replays que vous voulez.



Hey everyone,

As promised, we dramatically enhanced the BattleCast Website System today, actually around lunch time earlier, so apologies for not posting earlier, we were sneaky for a bit!


Let me tell you, the BattleCast Website system now runs incredibly fast and quite frankly is the fastest place to go to find a replay for anyone who has BattleCasted their match, or even cooler, anyone who wants you to watch their match live.


YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BATTLECAST YOUR MATCH, just make sure the box is clicked before you start a match online.

We'll be discussing the ehancements in more depth early next week, but here is a general outline:

COOLEST NEW FEATURE - You can go in to anyone's profile, view their match history, and for any match they have BattleCast, you can click that line in their history and it will take you instantly to the match in our BattleCast system to download and watch! Want to watch top ladder players matches quickly, click their name and view their history, click a BattleCast match and its as easy as that.

-The system now runs on a a different back-end so the performance in general has increased 10-fold. As soon you login to the system, you'll almost immedietly be presented with matches to choose from.

-Click the Search tab arrow and you'll see similar options to select from, but they are much more user friendly to work with. The search system in general is very quick now.

-Click "My Matches" to instantly view all matches which YOU have BattleCast. The same goes for "My Clans Matches", if you are in a Clan

-Click "Top Matches" and you'll be presented with a new section where the "best" C&C 3 BattleCast matches are filtered to by a new top secret highly confidential mathematical algorithm. Generally speaking, a lot of factors including rank, skill, experience, record, etc go in to this algorith which places matches here. This will be updating constantly.

-Click "Historic Matches" to see matches which we will eventually deem "HISTORIC". This is where myself and team place the best replays of C&C 3 ever, and I mean EVER. Or significant matches, like a WCG final for example. This section will update soon and be ongoing.

That is the top-line, there are a lot more intricate enhancements which we will discuss early next week. Hit up the enhanced BattleCast system at this link, you know it:


ANNNNNNNND, after what seems like eons and centuries, the long awaited free BattleCast Viewer is finally here....for those who don't own Command & Conquer 3. Which is likely none of you, but hey, if any non-C&C 3 owners visit the message boards or our website, or any game site around the internet, they can download the BattleCast Viewer. All 1.4 GIGS of it is available here:


For those who don't own the game, download the free BattleCast Viewer and watch the latest and greatest real-time strategy showdowns by

top players and all players BattleCasting from around the world--it's as close as you can get to the real thing without having countless hours of gameplay experience and a copy of the full game!

Why is it 1.4 GIGS? Simply because the BattleCast Viewer is like owning the game but not having the components to play it, just the components to OBSERVE like anyone would when watching a replay.

Get it here:


More to come early next week, we'll have a German and French version of the BCV available tomorrow.

Thanks everyone, keep BattleCasting,


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