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Suite à l'annulation soudaine du derniers Command & Conquer, on pouvait légitimement se demander si Tiberium Alliance n'allait pas subir un sort similaire.
EA a fait un communiqué pour expliquer que non, le jeu se poursuit sous un autre développeur, EASY studios qui gérent également BattleField Heroes.

Il se pourrait également que le jeu soit prochainement mis à jour histoire d'injecter un peu de nouveauté dans un jeu qui n'a pas beaucoup évolué dernièrement.

We noticed there is quite a lot of fears and uncertainty about the future of Tiberium Alliances and if the game is going forward still. Many of you are asking if the game gets shut down or further developed at all, as there has been unpleasant news about Command & Conquer (Generals2) in media just recently.
We´d like to take a moment to give you some clarity and certainty.
Lets make one thing crystal clear: We do not have any intention to shut down Tiberium Alliances, the total opposite is the case. The EASY studios in Stockholm successfully took over the game from the Phenomic Studios this late summer and is now heavily investing to bring the game back on track and forward. We not just want to keep the game alive, we want to get in long overdue features and even try out new things. We are going to invest even more in increased community work and support and you should see increased coverage shortly.
So there is no reason for doubts, this game has a bright future and we are excited about the next big steps. You will very soon hear more about first initiatives… but now let´s be excited about our Christmas activities first!
See you on the battlefield, Commander!
Your Community Team

Source: https://www.tiberiumalliances.com/fr/news/detail/news-for-the-tiberian-universe_18036

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