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Command & Conquer SAGA

Envie d'en savoir plus sur le Nod ?

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On a encore de militants en pull à capuchon gris ? Le Nod a eu des sérieux problèmes de production pour ses armures badass...

Au contraire on voit bien tout la philosophie du Nod. Une élite entourée de troupes paramilitaires de seconde zone.

Les pions sont fait pour être sacrifiés à quoi bon leur filer un kevlar :cool: ?

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Description: The Militant squad is the basic infantry of the Brotherhood. Equipped with light rifles, they are the basic anti-infantry unit of the Nod army.

Rocket Squad

Description: The Rocket Squad is the basic anti-tank unit of the Nod army. While they are slower than the basic militant, they will attack any vehicle that stands in their way.

Black Hand

Description: The Black Hand is a step up from the Rocket Squad, being an armored anti-tank unit. Equipped with flame throwers, they will cook a tank until it bursts, allowing the rest of your units to pass.


Description: If she's anything like the GDI counterpart, the Nod Commando is a structure busting woman of power. Unfortunately, you'll have to defend her from attacks, especially by infantry, but what she lacks in small arms fire, she makes up for in heavy explosives. She may not have stealth, but at least she has a nice red glow!


Description: Similar to the GDI Sniper Squad, the Nod Confessors are a lightly armored infantry capable of eliminating enemy infantry quickly and efficiently while maintaining a safe distance. Unfortunately, they're pretty much weak against anything else.

Raider Buggy

Description: Strangely, the Raider Buggy has been determined to be an anti-structural vehicle, similar to the Pitbull. Oddly enough, it is a fast moving unit that is not very effective against infantry units, but instead, you'll be sending it up against Predator tanks and using it to destroy walls.


Description: The Reckoner is a fast anti-infantry vehicle that compares to the Guardian. While it trades armor for speed, it is a tough opponent for enemy soldiers on the field. Make sure you send some Raiders to support it.

Scorpion Tank

Description: The Scorpion Tank is the punch of the Nod military. Capable of busting walls, vehicles, and buildings, the Scorpion is an armored assault on tracks.


Description: While slow, the Specter will decimate enemy armor. You may want to place this at the back of your attack as it will slow everything down that stands behind it, but once it makes it to the enemy, your opponents will bow down as it crushes everything in its path.


Description: Everyone's favorite Robot in Tiberium Wars, the Avatar is the only real threat that compares to the Mammoth tank. Featuring a powerful laser, the Avatar will eliminate anything that stands in it's path, armored or not. Send this in a group of Avatars, and your defending opponent will more than likely lose his territory to you.


Description: Nod has a tough field of air units as well. The Cobra is the basic anti-tank aircraft that will zip over most defenses, assaulting any vehicles that stand in its way. While your ground units are still dealing with frontal defences, the Cobra can easily make it to the back of the base for a last minute assault, leaving the enemy base damaged as well.


Description: Upgrading the Cobra, the Vertigo Bomber skips the defenses and flies straight to the enemy base, decimating their structures and claiming their resources. A few of these over an unguarded base and the territory will be yours very quickly.


Description: The Venom is a fast moving Anti-Infantry unit. If you're worried about enemy Missile Squads assaulting your vehicles, send in a Venom first, and clear them out of the way.


Description: The Nod Salamander, making it's debut in Tiberium Twilight, is now at your disposal here in Tiberium Alliances. While it may be in it's early stages of development here (considering the chronology of the series), that doesn't change it's power and ability. Feel like destroying a base completely and entirely? Well if you can save up the money and research points, this aircraft will do the job for you. For those of you who weren't Twilight fans, compare this to the GDI Kodiak.

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Construction Yard

Description: The centerfold and heart of the Nod base, the Construction Yard is essentially the Master Control to the foundation of your Structures, Defenses, and Offenses. The Construction Yard enables you to build other structures, and the higher the level, the more structures you are able to build. Additionally, the Construction Yard has its own storage space, and with each level, it enables you to hold a larger amount of Tiberium and Crystals. This structure must be defended well, for if it is destroyed, the entire base is destroyed with it, and the attacking forces will claim your territory and all resources you've collected.


Description: The harvester is the main source of income for base and unit expansion. When placed on Tiberium or Crystals, the harvester will constantly collect these resources until your storage for them is full. With each level, the Harvester collects these resources faster and faster, and the bonus increases. Silos nearby also increase this bonus, so try to coordinate with those structures!

Power Plant

Description: The Power Plant is the power source of your entire base. Unlike other Command & Conquer games, the power here functions differently. Over time, the Power Plant will generate more and more power, which is accumulated and used for purchasing buildings, defenses, and offensive units, while at the same time, it is used to repair and level up the ones that you already have. When placed next to a harvester or accumulator, the power plant gains an extra bonus, and when placed next to a refinery, the power plant boosts your cash flow!


Description: The Refinery is the sole provider for your cash flow into your base. Over time, the Refinery collects actual cash (not Tiberium), which you can use for the purpose of researching new units and structures to either defend your base or oppose that of the enemy. If you want to advance your base beyond a few riflemen and trucks, you'll definitely want to have a Refinery or two. As a bonus, if placed next to a power plant, the refinery will generate more revenue for your cause.


Description: Probably the most simple yet most necessary structure in your base is the Silo. As you quickly destroy other bases and upgrade your harvesters, you'll find that it is very easy to collect a significant amount of resources. With the constant flow of income, whether you are online or offline, your silos will ensure that you have adequate storage for the large amount of Tiberium and Crystals you will collect as you progress. As a bonus, a silo placed next to a harvester will greatly increase that harvester's output.


Description: When you feel your power plants are not generating quickly enough, the accumulator is here to save the day. Accumulators provide a bonus to all power production, while at the same time, they maintain your power supply. Think of it as the batteries to your base, as you need to store the constant power that is generated by your power plants. Level these up, and you'll see more power than you need in no time at all.

Command Post

Description: The Command Center is the force of your base. Build one of these, and you can start to expand your army, building any offensive units that you have researched thus far. The higher the level of your Command Center, the more you can strengthen your offense, allowing you to take on stronger enemies and reap more rewards. Investing money in this structure will boost your skill and effectiveness on the offensive battlefield.

Hand of Nod

Description: You can't have infantry without a Hand of Nod! And sure enough, this building will help you create an army of soldiers, big and small. Additionally, the higher level the Hand of Nod, the higher efficiency your repairing is, when it comes to repairing your ground infantry. Faster repairs with less resources used.

War Factory

Description: Similar to the Hand of Nod, the War Factory enables the build of units, this time in the form of vehicles and tanks in your offensive line. Also, the more you upgrade the War Factory, the more efficient your vehicle repair is in your offensive lineup.


Description: The Airport enables you to build the small assortment of aircraft in your offensive arsenal. While not necessary, bringing in an airfield will give you a new style of gameplay, allowing you to attack from the skies, flying over most of the enemy defenses. Additionally, the Airport, when upgraded, becomes more efficient at repairing your air vehicles.

Defense HQ

Description: The Defense HQ is similar to the Command Center, except that it is in control of your Defenses, not your Offenses. The Defense HQ allows you to construct defensive structures and units, and it also is responsible for the repair of your defenses. With every upgrade, you can boost the level of your defenses to that of your Defense HQ, so the higher you level this structure, the stronger you can level up your defensive units.

Defense Facility

Description: Not to be confused with the Defense HQ, the Defense Facility has two jobs. The first one is boosting the efficiency of the repair of your defense (similar to the Hand of Nod, War Factory, and Airfield), but the main importance of this structure is that it enables you to build support structures that defend your base and other alerted allies in the area. With the Nod Defense Facility, you can build defense structures which we have covered below.

Anti-Air support

Description: While there's little information we've uncovered in regards to the Nod superweapons, it can be assumed that they are likely to have defenses to counter those of GDI. This picture shows what we think is an air-support structure, similar to the Falcon Support that the GDI has.

Anti-Vehicle support

Description: This is a picture of what we believe is an anti-vehicular support structure. Little is known, but if correct, this will likely incur the same form of damage as the GDI Ion Cannon, obliterating any vehicles that threaten the Nod base, or allied bases in the area.

Anti-Infantry support

Description: We're pretty sure that this is the base image for the Anti-Infantry support structure. It is likely missing the turret, but nonetheless, the structure is probably similar to the Skystrike Support structure belonging to GDI, which actively defends against incoming infantry at an alerted base.

Tech Center

Description: Clearly, this image shows a Nod Tech Center, but we're not exactly sure what purpose it holds, seeing as how most other structures here match up with GDI buildings, and yet this one does not. Hopefully we'll find more information soon.

Trade Center

Description: We've seen the Forgotten Trade Center, which you can destroy for precious resources, but in game, we've yet to see a GDI version, and it turns out, Nod has it's own. What it will be used for, nobody knows! But it's interesting to know that it exists.

Atom Bomb Support?

Description: While we have no image to support it, some of the coding in the game suggested the possibility of an atom bomb. This included a targeting image amongst some other descriptions. We're not sure exactly what the purpose would be, but it should be pretty obvious - to destroy the enemy base with a nuke.

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Description: A basic defensive structure, the wall is specifically meant to stop opposing units dead in their tracks. It will essentially delay the enemy from advancing, while your units can attack them from behind your wall if they're within range.

Laser Fence

Description: Where GDI has barbwire, Nod has Laser Fencing. This deadly light wall will quickly eliminate any enemy infantry that dare pass through. If they're not dead, they're well on their way.

Anti-Tank Barrier

Description: The Anti-Tank Barrier is essentially Nod's caltrop, protecting their base from light and heavy vehicles alike. Any vehicle that passes over the barrier is severely damaged, and in some cases, destroyed.

Laser Turret

Description: Instead of using infantry, Nod has opted to use a Laser Turret instead of a machine gun. Because of this, it is likely that structure-busting firepower will be necessary to defeat it, as opposed to the usual infantry-killing fire that is needed to eliminate the GDI and Forgotten machine guns.

Black Hand

Description: The Black Hand is the powerful anti-tank infantry of the Brotherhood. When any incoming tanks approach, they'll fry the tank with their flamethrowers, destroying it, along with the driver inside.


Description: The Nod Militants are the main anti-infantry defense of the Brotherhood. Efficient and cheap, they are a powerful defence against all incoming infantry, without causing a huge loss of resources to the Nod base to maintain them.

Rocket Squad

Description: The Rocket Squad is a basic and cheap anti-air defence for the Nod base. As an added bonus, they also defend against ground armor, but they'll reposition themselves in order to shoot down any incoming aircraft.

Scorpion Tank

Description: If you want a good, strong, mobile defence against incoming armor, the Scorpion tank is the perfect unit to use. It serves as an anti-tank weapon, and it will actively reposition to engage incoming vehicular threats.


Description: The Reckoner is the anti-infantry defence of Nod. It is fast moving and will quickly move across the defensive line to eliminate any incoming soldiers, and in some cases, light vehicles.

Raider Buggy

Description: The Raider Buggy is being used defensively as an anti-air unit. It will engage incoming vehicles and possibly infantry, but it's intended purpose is to eliminate aircraft, much like the Pitbull.

Beam Cannon

Description: The Beam Cannon takes the form of a structure in this case. It is a very powerful structure that combines the turret of three beam cannon tanks to form a powerful beam meant for assaulting and destroying vehicles and tanks.

Obelisk Artillery

Description: The Obelisk is a long range anti-vehicle structure. Stronger than the Beam Cannon, the Obelisk has a minimum range, and will likely destroy any vehicles before they have a chance to get too close.

Shredder Turret

Description: Nod has turned the Shredder Turret into a powerful long-range anti-infantry machine. It does to infantry what the Obelisk does to tanks, and because of its elevation and power, it too has a minimum range.

SAM Site

Description: The SAM site is a mounted turret based missile system which protects a vast portion of the base with a powerful anti-air defence. It will defend you from even the most powerful air attacks.

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