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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod : Tiberium Essence 1.1


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[justify]La version 1.1 du mod Tiberium Essence pour CnC3 est disponible dès aujourd'hui. Ce mod a pour objectif de reprendre des éléments de Tiberian Sun pour les mixer avec CnC3.[/justify]

[justify]Pour cette nouvelle version attendez vous a beaucoup de nouveautés, voici le changelog en anglais :[/justify]

Change log (see version 1.0 in history below for more details)


-removed EA logo, game start faster

-certain upgrades moved to tier 2 (like in KW)

-EMP blast looks like Tiberian Sun EMP blast ;)

-All outposts can repair vehicles, health doubled

-changed tiberium field (both green and blue) central model to be like in Tiberian Sun/Down, Firestorm

-Added 5 new units - GDI Orca Bomber, GDI Wolverine, Nod Banshee, Nod Cobra Artillery, Alien Manta and Ghost Stalker

-Walls for all factions has 50% more health

-blue tiberium explode when killed



-Dropship Bay - renamed to Dropship Command, new model, replaces Space Command uplink

-Space Command Uplink removed from Game, support powers moved to Dropship Command

-V35OX is now regular unit, transports vehicles only

-Titan is now regular unit and has rail gun upgrade

-Ion cannon strike now looks like and works like in previous CnC and CnC3 fmv´s (strikes faster).

-Orca can be upgraded with Minigun - additional weapon can attack air and ground units

-War factory model resized

-Retextured Grenadier model

-Guardian Cannon replaced by RPG Tower from Tiberian Sun with similar statistics (I have never use to guardian cannon as GDI building, too much it resemblance Nod Gun Turret from Tiberian Down)

-Hover MLRS cost 1100, 25% more firepower vs aircraft

-Pillbox (Rifleman Dig in building) can be repaired when garrisoned

-Titan has new quotes

-Mammoth MKII - Railguns fire rate 25% slower but damage 20% increased

- chin mountent autocannon turret has now limited turn angle so can´t turn back and shoot through mammoths legs (looks stupid)

- Missile pods has now 180 degree turn radius so can turn back (their limitation in v 1.0 was omission from my part)

-apocalipsa tank quotes replaced for KW marv quotes

GDI units Update:


Titan - heavy mech strong vs vehicles


Under pressure of many GDI field commanders GDI command decided restore Titan production too. It has required major improvements to present war factory to make it capable of production enormous battle mech like Titan are but it was worth of undergoing. Based on old successful design with railgun enhancement is new Titan once again symbol of GDI supremacy on battlefield.

Cost - 1500

Heavy Armor

Hitpoints - 4500

Armament - 120 mm Cannon, 500 damage per shot, 1000 damage with rail gun upgrade

Requirements - GDI War Factory, Command Post

Upgrades - Rail gun

Abilities - leaving husk when destroyed

- can crush lesser vehicles under feet

Wolverine - light mech strong vs infantry


GDI command required something capable of handle Nod suicide bombers and other fanatics swarming battle field like ants. In middle of war there was no time for development new anti-infantry weapon so they look back to second tiberium war to answer and find - wolverine. Despite archaic design his twin Assault Cannons can handle any infantry offensive with easy.

Cost - 800

Light Armor

Hitpoints - 2500

Armament - 2x Assault Cannon, 6 rounds per clip 40 damage each

Requirements - GDI War Factory, Command Post

Orca Bomber - heavy bomber strong vs vehicles, structure


Between second and third tiberian war was orca bomber replaced by more agile and cheaper firehawk but when third war emerge requirement of heavier aircraft capable of bearing large loadout of bombs become obvious. Old design of orca bomber has been altered and based on experience from second war a minigun has been added to increase orca bomber chance versus enemy aircraft and infantry armed with anti-aircraft weapons.

Cost - 2400

Heavy Armor

Hitpoints - 3200

Armament - Bombs, 8 per clip, 1000 damage each (8000 total)

Requirements - GDI War Factory, Dropship Command

Upgrades - Minigun - additional weapon can attack air and ground units

GDI Support powers Update:


Mech Sperhead - Replaces Titan Sperhead from v 1.0

- Deploys 2 Titans and 2 Wolverines on the battle field

- Available on Dropship Command

- Cost - 4500

- Reload time - 5 minutes

Brotherhood of Nod:


-Retextured Scarab APC

-Scarab Apc has new quotes

-Nod basic infantry retextured to Nod style ;)

-Tiberium infusion is no longer represent by green aura but new texture on Militants and Rocket Militants

-Buggy EMP upgrade and Signature generator upgrade moved to Operation Center

-Sam turret has new Tiberian Sun style model

-Caryall is now regular unit, transports vehicles only

-Black Hand - immune to tiberium radiation

-Obelisc of Light - 15% more health, Cost 2000

-Decoy army support power - cloned units has more health

-Scarab APC has 2500 HP (was 2200) and comes with preload Rocket Militant squad (was Militant squad), Cost 800

-Reaper has 3000 HP (was 2700) cost retain, moved to tier 2 (requires operation center to build)

-Militant squad has 8 squad members and 50% more health, cost 300

-Confesor minigun has 50% more damage

-Cybors has 10% more health

-Avatars beam Cannon cannon laser appear like beam similar to Beam Cannon weapon and obeliscs anti infantry laser (is taken from beam cannon it should work like that)

-Disruption Tower - stealth self, cost 1500 power requirement 15, require Tech Lab

-New Upgrade - Advanced Avionics - available at Tech lab allow Banshee attack air units

-New Upgrade - Enhaced Servo - available at Secret Shrine, improves cyborg movement speed

-New Upgrade - Drilling Mechanism upgrade - replaces Dozer Blade, same benefits as Dozer blade, in addition unlocks Scarab APC and Scorpion Tank MKII dig in abilities

Nod units Update:


Banshee - heavy jet fighter strong vs vehicles


During years after second tiberian war most nod advanced technology has been lost in chaos which follow or simply replaced with cheaper alternatives. This was Banshee destiny too or at least everybody thought so. When Kanes return most forgotten technology returns with him. Back in command Kane ordered restore production of Banshee again because his planes count with arrival of aliens and banshee was based on their technology therefore destined to become best counterpart against them. However, Kanes order included demand on stronger proton torpedoes which delayed development new Banshee until middle of third war. But now is Banshee again ready to be Kanes best technology of peace.

Cost - 2000

Heavy Armor

Hitpoints - 3500

Armament - Proton torpedo launcher, 6 rounds per clip, 1050 damage each (6300 total)

Requirements - Nod Air Tower, Tiberium Chemical Plant

Upgrades - Advanced avionics - avaiable at Tech lab, allow Banshee attack air units

Cobra mobile Artillery - sidge weapon


Advanced artillery from second war has been considered obsolete in days before third war and replaced by multipurpose Beam Cannon but his limited distance has been no match for GDI Juggernout and leave Nod in disadvantage. Kane cannot let this happen and ordered restore production of new Cobra Mobile artillery based on old advanced artillery but with stronger armor and faster deploy capabilities.

Cost - 1400

Light Armor

Hitpoints - 3200

Armament - 155mm howitzer, 1500 damage, must deploy to fire

Requirements - Nod War Factory, Tech lab (Nod Tech Centre)

Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower)

Scorpion Tank MK II - Light Tank. Strong vs. Vehicles.


First series of scorpion tank was not as successful as Kane expected. Tank has too weak armor to stand a chance versus strong GDI tanks in late war days so Kane ordered his minions to add tick tank ability dig in to fortified position on Scorpion Tank. This required serious redesign tanks body and increase cost a bit but new Scorpion Tank MK II become stronger in combat and much more useful in defence than before.

Cost - 900

Light Armor

Hitpoints - 2750 (was 2400)

Armament - 105mm cannon, 275 damage (was 240), 520 with laser capacitor upgrade

Requirements - Nod War Factory

Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower)

dig in - allow scorpion deploy to fortified position similar to Tiberian sun tick tank which gives Scorpion tank 50% bonus to armor and 25% bonus to weapon range, Requires Drilling Mechanism upgrade (Tech Lab)

Nod Support powers:


Subterrain Strike - Deploys squad of Black Hand and Cyborgs on the battle field

- Available on Secret Shrine

- Requires Operation Centre

- Cost - 2000

- Reload time - 3 minutes



-Plasma discs upgrade and Blink packs upgrade moved to statis chamber where infantry upgrades belongs

-Lighting spike weapon damage 10% increnesed

-New upgrade Tiberium Conversion Beam - Equipes Anihilator Tripod and Seeker Tank with Tiberium Conversion Beam - available at Technology Assembler

- 50% boost to weapons, more damage to infantry, limited amunition

Alien Manta - heavy infantry tranporter strong vs infantry and light vehicle


Manta has been named due its resemblance with popular ray by soldiers who spotted this alien unit and have the chance to talk about. Unlike earth Manta this one is armed with lightning weapon with devastating effect on infantry and light vehicles. And it seem that aliens do not really only on worm holes and teleports in case of transporting their infantry. Manta has been spotted like swallowed some alien shock troopers, however, it not eat them but transport them on new location. During transporting shock troopers has been capable of attack from inside this beast with lethal efficiency.

Commander consider Alien Manta as extremely dangerous.

Cost - 1000

Light Armor

Hitpoints - 3000

Armament - Lightning bolt, 325 damage per shot

Requirements - Gateway



Ghost Stalker - Elite Infantry. Strong vs. Vehicle, Structures

Ghost Stalkers are the best from best mutants and armed with best technology mutants can scavenge over wasteland. In second tiberian war they sided with GDI because they believed that GDI can cure them but this becomes too difficult task for GDI and in time Mutants lost fate in GDI and move along. Now they are mercenaries for hire, but if GDI find way how cure them along with whole planet they are still wiling to join them again.

Cost - 2500

Infantry Heavy Armor

Hitpoints - 750

Armament - Rail gun 2000 damage per shot, C4 charges

Requirements - Mutant Hovel

Abilities - Destroy Structure, Destroy Walker, Heal in Tiberium

Only one Ghost Stalker may be trained at a time


Plus sur les mod CnC3

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Tout plein de retour : Titans constructibles, lycaon, bombardier orca, banshee, char scarabée (du moins son design et sa capacité a creuser), les militants ne ressemblent plus a des bouseux mais bien aux soldats de TS.

Retour des arbres a tibérium et des monolithes bleus.

Les tourelles lance roquettes de TS, les sites sam ressemblent a ceux de TS, toujours le même système de centre et de triples tourelles SAM.

Le chasseur fantôme dans le gourbi mutants.

Par contre pas de désintégrateur ni de voleur mutants de plus, je prefère l'animation du canon a ion de CnC3.

Vous avez aussi un bug qui empêche les escadrons balistiques de creuser leur gourbis ?

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Bon je l'ai testé dans l'ensemble il est sympa et les nouvelles (enfin anciennes) unités/bâtiments sont assez bien modélisés (mention spécial au Mammouth MK4). Par contre je suis déçus un peu vis à vis des Scrins, juste une seule nouvelle unité.

Enfin à part ça je lui met quand même un bon 16/20 ;)

PS: je préfère largement leur version du Wolverine que celle de Kane wrath qui fait plus amateur

à mon goût.

Edited by Nathyel
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Je n'ai qu'une chose à dire : la Mante Scrin est complètement overpowered et très peu balancée avec le reste du jeu. Elle est puissante, résistance et pas assez chère. En début de partie c'est une plaie pire que les Seekers et ça faut le faire.

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Je n'ai qu'une chose à dire : la Mante Scrin est complètement overpowered et très peu balancée avec le reste du jeu. Elle est puissante, résistance et pas assez chère. En début de partie c'est une plaie pire que les Seekers et ça faut le faire.

et attend que je te dise quoi faire avec tu va etre dégouté a vie tu mets des desintegrateurs dedans -_-

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Bugs fixed

Gdi Rifleman squad can build bunker again

GDI Rig have working call for transport ability

Adjusted Mammoth MKII animations

Mammoth MKII can´t be deployed after death when his husk is still alive, his husk must be destroyed too

Most missing or incorrect descriptions at some upgrades, units and buildings fixed


Nod Cobra Artillery - 10% more health, 15% more firepower

Nod Banshee - 15% more health, 8 rounds per clip (was 6), 800 damage each (was 1050),6400 total (was 6300)


Banshee fires two bolts like in Tiberian Sun fmv

Added muzzle flash when banshee fires

Improved nod militant and nod rocket militant house color texture

Nod Cobra Artillery - new quotes, better fire effect

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