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Command & Conquer SAGA

La beta prolongée jusqu'à lundi 16h !


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Apoc vient de l'annoncer, la beta est prolongée de ce matin 9h à lundi 16h (heure de Paris). Il demande de ne pas tenir compte de la date qui apparait sur la beta, qui indique toujours aujourd'hui.

Par ailleurs il vous invite à envoyer vos meilleurs replays à Command School.

Hey everyone,

After some consulting with the generals and lieutenants, we have decided to extend our Red Alert 3 Beta Test a little bit longer for our hardcore players, you guys, so you can have another long Red Alert 3 beta weekend, for those of you are still in or may want to jump back in before you have to wait another 4 weeks for the release.

We are also claiming this weekend as the Red Alert 3 Beta Weekend and are asking YOU to send us your best RA3 Beta Replay matches to CommandSchool@ea.com for a chance to have your match featured in "The 5" in next month's episode. That's right, we're collecting footage and looking for the best RA3 beta replays. So whether you already have one saved or plan to keep playing until Monday, fire a good match our way and you may see yourself featured in "The 5" - one of the most coveted segments in C&C TV programming.

Finally, even though we are extending the Beta until Monday morning, you will still see a notice pop-up when you play the game telling you the beta closes on Sept 26th. PLEASE IGNORE THIS. The only way we'd be able to modify this pop-up is if we patch the beta again, and we didn't want to put you through that trouble just for a pop-up change. Seems kind of silly to us.

So long live the Red Alert 3 Beta, we will officially once and for all close the servers at 7AM PDT this Monday, Sept 29th.

Until then, get in and play, and send us your best replays to CommandSchool@ea.com.


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