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Command & Conquer SAGA

Un peu plus sur Chris Plummer...


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Apoc revient sur la pétition pour le mode CnC dans Tiberium. Pour ceux qui l'ignorent le mode CnC est le mode multijoueurs de CnC Renegade.

Il dit d'abord qu'il n'a jamais dit qu'il n'y aurait pas de mode CnC, ni qu'il y en aurait un, il faudra attendre pour savoir.

Il revient ensuite sur Chris Plummer, le producteur du jeu. Cet homme n'est pas nouveau à EA ou Westwood. Il a même travaillé pour Renegade et en particulier sur ce fameux mode CnC.


Il y aura un blog de Chris Plummer sur le site officiel dès le mois prochain.

Tiberium est une histoire liée à TW. Mais il ne sera pas nécessaire d'avoir à TW ou un autre CnC pour jouer à celui là.

Tiberium apporte de nouvelles idées pour les FPS Tactiques et n'est pas Battlefield.

I have not confirmed "NO" on C&C Mode, however, I gather you guys can read between the lines of my statements and from the extensive information in the Game Informer article.

With all due respect to C&C Mode, it was brilliant and awesome. Infact, you may not know this yet, and he'll explain it more in his blog next month, but our Executive Producer Chris Plummer was pretty much the LEAD on creating C&C Mode for Renegade. Chris Plummer has been with EA/Westwood for over 10 years, he was one of the key people behind Renegade.

So, you have pretty much one of the best people on Renegade who is your Executive Producer on Tiberium. Where Renegade set the tone for big-time MP games like Halo and Battlefield to come, we of course aim to have Tiberium set a new tone for FPS-Tactical, and more importantly, getting fans extremely immersed in a very deep universe and story.

If there is one thing I can promise you 100000% without a shadow of a doubt, its the story and universe behind this game are top notch and have so much fiction and background with it, its unfathomable.

Tiberium is going to be an FPS-Tactical game, check out the Game Informer article and you'll realize more and more the direction we are heading.

If we were making Renegade 2 outright, this would be a different story.

I personally think Renegade stands on its own, as its own legacy. It was an off-shoot story of the Tiberian universe. Sure, sequels can be made from just about anything these days, but with Tiberium, it will connect the story from C&C 3, the ominous tower left at the end of the game (however, you won't need to have played C&C 3 or any C&C game to become immersed in the story of Tiberium), and it will introduce you to something entirely new that you've never seen before in FPS-Tactical.

I wish I could say more about the game, but I cannot just yet.

I promise once again that all of our decisions design wise, visually, etc, they are all with respect to our intent to create something amazing for FPS-Tactical and C&C fans.

Enough of my mumbo jumbo schpeal :o)

Lastly, this game is certainly not Battlefield and isn't asking to be anything like it or mirroring it in any way that you may dislike. A lot of people just point to Battlefield because they enjoy their team-based multiplayer and relate that to squad-based gameplay. Don't believe everything you hear.


Par ailleurs ils feront peut être une vidéo du type Havoc à Westwood Studio.

How about a new "Havok invades EA-Westwood" video, just a sequel to that, hehe


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il y a des mutant dans C&C Renegade on est d'accord hein? ;)

alors imagine une carte où chaque joueur a un nombre limité de vie et UN mutant qui tue tout le monde.

Dès que les soldat ont perdu toute leur vie ils deviennent mutant eux aussi.

le dernier soldat gagne la partie. ;)

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