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Comme vous le savez, depuis un mois 400 comptes ont été bannis sur CnC3, or lors du dernier nettoyage, Apoc a visiblement agit vite en disqualifiant LASERPEWPEWPEW dont un des sous-comptes paraissait bizarre. Je vous épargne les détails car c'est encore assez flou pour moi surtout que l'age de ce joueur est en dessous de la limite de 13 ans imposé par le tournoi...

Apoc donne donc une nouvelle chance à LASERPEWPEWPEW de laver totalement ses fautes passées en affrontant le 9ème joueur du Top STEFROS (qui s'est retrouvé qualifié suite à la disqualification de LASERPEWPEWPEW).

L'issu de ce match déterminera qui sera le 8ème qualifié et ce qu'il adviendra des comptes de LASERPEWPEWPEW.

Pour plus de détails je vous laisse lire le message d'Apoc :

I have created a seperate thread for this which I will not sticky, but hopefully both of these players will see this. This should be some good drama.

Assuming I have your correct info LASER, you preside in Singapore where the min-age requirement for the ladder season is Age 13, so I will not DQ you based on your age, because you are fine there, and quite younger than I expected for starters.

Here is what I am going to do, I do believe in second chances and DC'ing is not something which we ban serial keys for on a first offense, we do ban sub-accounts and force you to create a new one. Had we done this before the ladder season to you for Scrinnator, I believe you would have still played as LASERPEWPEWPEW, and been fine. I understand some people will be aggravated by this decision, but it was my mistake for the ban in the first place because I banned the wrong COLD_CHEESE who will be banned today no doubt.

You should not have played a joke by creating a false COLD_CHEESE name. That was a really inappropriate move and that is why you are currently in this predicament. The joke is on you now.

However, due to your past actions, there must be something fair done.

LASERPEWPEW, you are lucky your account was not banned before the ladder season began. Admitting to 40 disconnects is pretty bad, for that, I am keeping Scrinnator and every other sub-account closed but your LASERPEWPEW account.

I will work to re- open your LASERPEWPEWPEW account. I will also work to allow you to continue playing on the ladder. However, because of your past disconnect history, regardless if it happened before the ladder season, here is what we are going to do:

-You have admitted to disconnecting 40+ times before the ladder season, you also have a very inappropriate Avatar, and many of your actions here on our forums have been immature and uncool. For these reasons alone, I agree with the community about your status as a very questionable player for the ladder season.

-Stefros was next in line to qualify had we caught on to you beforehand. Therefore, I am calling a special match between YOU and STEFROS to determine who gets the 8th spot in the 1st round. It will be a best of 3 on Small Town USA, which I will observe (with anyone else who'd like to watch via BattleCast).

- If YOU win, then you will retain your qualifying spot for the end of season tournament. However, your account LASERPEWPEW will still be reset to the bottom of the 1v1 ladder for your past actions.

-If YOU lose, and Stefros wins, Stefros will take the 8th qualifying spot. YOU will still be reset on the 1v1 ladder and be allowed to climb back up, if you can. There are still two qualifying rounds left, so you'd have time, especially given that you are a good player.

-This match will not impact Stefros's current ladder rank or future qualifying status. It is a special match for the 1st round qualifier 8th spot.

-If you are caught disconnecting or cheating on your LASERPEWPEWPEW account in the future whether you win or lose this match, this account will be banned.

-I am also asking you to please change your Forum Avatar to somethine non-offensive.

I feel there needed to be a reciprocative effect which is fair to you and also reprehensible for your past disconnect actions and treatment of others here on our forums. The community has a very good point, but I am also giving you a second chance which will also showcase how good of a player you really are.

If you and Stefros agree, please accept this challenge right here in this thread and I will set it up within the next two days via e-mail with the both of you. The community at large will be invited to watch via BattleCast.

This sounds fair to me on both sides. You get a second chance to earn your spot, and Stefros gets a shot to take your qualifying spot.

This is the only option, do you guys accept?



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