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Command & Conquer SAGA

80 comptes supprimés...

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EALA continue le ménage sur le ladder officiel avec 80 comptes supprimés pour cheat et 50 sous observations.

Apoc nous confirme la volonté d'EALA de procéder plus régulièrement à des vérifications (toutes les semaines) et qu'il prépare un nouvel outil pour simplifier les démarches de plainte des joueurs.

Il conseille de prendre screenshots et d'envoyer aussi les replays car sans preuve ils ne peuvent pas agir.

Je pense que ces nouvelles vont dans le bon sens.

Hey everyone,

I've heard complaints about bans and suspensions not being handed down and the ladder season feeling like its getting cheated. First I will apologize for not communicating our current efforts to "clean up" the ladder. So here is the latest update on the bans and suspension movement.

As of yesterday, we are handing down bans and suspensions on 80 different C&C 3 accounts. 90% of which are on the 1v1 ladder. Our process and plan right now is to do this weekly and more so if needed.

I also have another 50 or so accounts which we are "watching". Before action is taken, we want to be certain.

Some players in the top 100 are being caught and affected. Again, I assure you, we will do everything possible to ensure a cheat-free and fair ladder season for C&C 3.

Accounts banned this week were for excessive disconnects, cheating, and point pushing.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed evidence from the moderators to EZE gaming to Gamereplays to Zephos, and especially NukeWave who has done a fantastic job wrangling up evidence from all over the community. Also thanks to Xtrapas, his ego may be more than you can handle, but his "tool" is helpful in some respects.

I will take more pro-action to communicate our suspension and ban updates. Hopefully that will make you feel more comforting. To date, more than 200 accounts have had action taken on them. It may not seem like a huge number, but its certainly weeding out the worst offenders.

Right now, I am working on ways to develop a process that makes it easier to report people. I encourage you to take a screenshot or post a replay when showing evidence. Without evidence, we cannot take action in a fair manner. Of course, we are looking at disconnect frequency across accounts and stats of that nature, but when it comes to specific hard-boiled evidence from you guys, we need screenshots and replays in order to take action.

I'll keep you guys posted and keep enjoying the ladder season competition. 1st qualifying round is coming up!



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