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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mise à jour des serveurs sur 3 semaines

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L'équipe de Phenomic va déployer la mise à jour de Tiberium Alliances à partir de cet après midi.

Mais contrairement à ce qui était fait jusqu'à présent, les mises à jour vont être étalées sur 3 semaines.

Aujourd'hui : mise à jour des serveurs "Closed Beta Worlds"

Mercredi prochain (11) : mise à jour des serveurs "English Worlds"

Mercredi d'après (18) : mise à jour des serveurs restants (allemands)

Chaque monde sera fermé 10 à 15 minutes pour la mise à jour.

Le détail de la mise à jour qui va être déployée :

Patchnotes 04.04.2012


x Relocating of bases reworked – it no longer costs command points

x Resource system reworked to allow for more efficient patterns – it is recommend to try rearranging your buildings for higher efficiency (moving buildings does not cost anything as packages production does no longer get disturbed by moving)

x Base level system reworked, impacts territory claim and Forgotten camp/outpost spawning

x Balancing changes

x Skystrike support weapon now also hits air targets

x Firehawks now deal the correct amount of damage to buildings in the last line of the bases (used to be too little)

x Camps of lvl 1-9 have less hit points

x Replays from before the patch can no longer be replayed

x “Collect all packages” button added

x Players can relocate ALL their bases at once to a new sector

x Keyboard shortcuts added


Relocating of bases reworked

Relocating bases is now easier, cheaper and faster. Relocating a base no longer costs command points. While the move itself is free, the moved base will be in a cool-down after the move. The duration is depending on the distance moved and the level of the base. During the cool-down a base

- is not able to move again

- has a reduced resource production

There is a second mechanism preventing players from running away immediately after having attacked another player: After an attack on a player, the attacking base is in move-lockdown for a fixed period of time. During this period the base remains fully functional, but it is not able to move.

Resource system reworked

The new system allows more variety in how to optimize your base towards different goals (e.g. towards more power production or towards more crystal production).

Accumulators still boost power plants, silos still boost harvesters and power plants still boost refineries. But now the package sizes are increased by leveling up the production building (harvester, power plant, refinery) while the boosts provided by other buildings (by silos, accumulators, power plants) increase the continuous production. This ensures that moving a building no longer disturbs the package production and that the boosts become more important.

If your base is one of those with a lower overall resource output after the update, consider rearranging your buildings and selling producing buildings for additional boosting buildings.

If you lack resources to do an upgrade, the displayed time until enough resources are available is now more precise since it considers collectible resource packages, too. It shows the earliest point in time at which the base has enough resources.

Base level system reworked

x The base level is now taking into account the level of all buildings in the base (all buildings count equally)

x This level impacts the strength of the territory claim and the cool down after a relocation of the base

x Bases are now able to move as soon as they reach lvl 7

x In addition to the base level we now also have a defense and an offense level

x Offense and defense units as well as defense structures count towards these levels according to their amount of offense/defense points (upgrading a Mammoth Tank will impact the offense level more than upgrading a Rifleman Squad)

x The offense level of a base impacts the level of the Forgotten camps and outpost spawning in it vicinity

Relocate player

x A player can relocate all his bases to a new sector (e.g. in case that he is trapped in an unpromising situation). To do that he has to go to the options dialogue on the lower right of the screen. The “Relocate Player” button is found on the “Game Settings” tab. It allows the player to pick a new sector for his bases. The system will then automatically pick a new position for his bases in the chosen sector.

Keyboard Shortcuts

|| Key || Feature || Window ||

| Arrow Keys | move region map | Region |

| q | switch to base view | Base |

| w | switch to defense view | Base |

| e | switch to army view | Base |

| a | toggle repair mode | Base |

| s | toggle move mode | Base |

| d | toggle upgrade mode | Base |

| f | toggle sell mode | Base |

| y | toggle repair all | Base |

| t | open trade window | Base |

| c | collect all packages | Base |

| arrow left | next city | Base |

| arrow right | prev city | Base |

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Tellement chiant ça, et la production de tibérium qui a chuté drastiquement. Sans parler des camp qui sont de nouveau plus rentable.

Le système de déplacement est pas mal par contre. Mais ça devient impossible de faire une attaque et se retirer en suite :D

En plus ça régule les déplacements vu qu'avant c'était une question de pdc.

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La production par heure et devenu une production par pack tout les 6 heures qu'il faut récupérer obligatoirement sinon c'est perdu. Et la production bonus par caisse et temps variable et devenu une production continu par heure...

Donc, oui au bout d'une heure on en a moins mais dès qu'on arrive à 6 heures et qu'on récupère pas mal de caisse en une seule fois ca fait un sacré paquet...

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Le système de déplacement est pas mal par contre. Mais ça devient impossible de faire une attaque et se retirer en suite :D

En plus ça régule les déplacements vu qu'avant c'était une question de pdc.

Bah pour les points de commandement, c'est quand même bien moins mortel. Avant tu choisissait soit de te déplacer soit d'attaquer, maintenant tu peux faire les deux ou alors fuir le combat si tu te trouves dans une position d'impossibilité de gagner.

Donc là, Rio maintenant peut me rejoindre facilement :D

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