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Command & Conquer SAGA

Offres d'emploi = infos sur CnC ?

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Le site PlanetCnC.com qui suit toutes les infos possibles sur des prochains CnC vient de trouver sur le site de recrutement d'EA différentes offres concernant EALA et CnC.

Multiplayer Development Director

Un responsable pour le multijoueur d'un prochain grand RTS fait par l'équipe de CnC3 avec comme mission de construire un nouveau et innovant service online... (bonne nouvelle, non ?)

Are you a fan of RTS gaming? Would you like to help drive the development of EAs next big Real-Time Strategy game?

EAs Los Angeles Studio has an exciting opportunity for a Development Director on the team that recently completed Command & Conquer 3.

Lead up the construction of a new and innovative online service that will help to shape the next generation of games in the RTS genre.

:arrow: http://jobs.ea.com/pljb/ElectronicArts/United_States/applicant/jobClick.jsp?count=1&id=5982

Product Manager

Responsable produit pour toute la série RTS Command & Conquer. Dans cette annonce j'ai beaucoup aimé certaines conditions d'embauche :lol: :

Ever think to yourself what it would be like to serve in the inner circle of Nod and meet Kane himself? Ever wonder what it would be like to be the keeper of Yuris brain? Well if so, then today might be your lucky day. Command & Conquer the franchise that sparked the entire RTS genre over a decade ago is looking to expand and is in need of a Product Manager to assist in the launch of various titles in the Command & Conquer umbrella.

RTS gaming experience is a huge plus, especially if you understand the phrase, In the name of Kane!

:arrow: http://jobs.ea.com/pljb/ElectronicArts/United_States/applicant/jobClick.jsp?count=1&id=6106

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RTS gaming experience is a huge plus, especially if you understand the phrase, In the name of Kane!

Le NOD a des difficultées de recrutement ou quoi, ils ont besoin de se camoufler en entreprise de jeu video, heureusement le GDI garde les yeux bien ouverts.

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