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Les Tempêtes remportent BattleCast PT !


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Battlecast PrimeTime 5 qui devait sortir hier soir a été reporté à ce soir à cause de très fortes tempêtes sur la Californie qui ont causé des baisses de tension importantes, empêchant la sortie de l'épisode.

L'équipe de CnC TV essayera de sortir l'épisode aujourd'hui.


Due to the heavy California storms, we are experiencing technical difficulties and intermittent power failures. We will be bringing the next episode of BattleCast Primetime to you as soon as possible this weekend. We apologize for this short delay, please keep your eyes peeled on our official site and get ready for the 2008 season of BattleCast Primetime.


Aaron Apoc Kaufman nous a aussi laissé un message à ce sujet en ajoutant que l'année 2008 CnC débuterai véritablement ce lundi avec son retour de vacances.

Hey everyone,

I am not officially back in the office yet, I will be returning on Monday, back in the seat of power ready to make 2008 our best year yet with the C& C community, however...

We are experiencing some pretty harsh storms here in California as you may be well aware, just hit up CNN.com for the latest. 145MPH winds, 10ft dump of snow in the mountains, inches of rain, and lots of power shutting off including intermittent power failures at our headquarters. It's far worse in Northern California than it is in Southern at the moment, but the power failures are limiting our ability to bring you BattleCast Primetime Episode 5 today.

That said, we will be looking to put it live tomorrow, unless the weather continues to get in our way. I will keep you posted, but tomorrow looks ok. We apologize for the inconvenience, lets just say 2008 doesn't really start until Monday when I return :o)

Thanks for understanding, and lets look forward to a BattleCast Primetime weekend.

Keep your eyes posted on our official site HERE for the update...

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