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Les premiers qualifiés... bravo GT-LeOwNzAll !

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Avec un peu de mal, Apoc a commencé à vérifier les résultats du premier round de qualification qui se terminait ce lundi sur le ladder CnC3. Il n'a pas encore le nom des huits gagnants mais il a pu déjà valider les 5 premiers dont GT-LeOwNzAll, joueur français qui commence à être bien connu dans la communauté. Un grand bravo à lui et *biiip* pour la suite :lol:

Hey everyone,

I have been reading the threads and analyzing the top 8 as of 10AM this morning PST time. Given that this is our 1st qualifier round, and 1st time ever we are qualifying players for a ladder season, its imperative we do the due diligence of inspecting the top 8 to ensure its legit and fair given the rules and "fair play mechanics".

That said, we have not completed review for the first 8 spots, but we have nailed down a number of them so far. I should have this complete by tomorrow.

Remember, we took a snapshot at 10AM, those are the top 8 to be considered. The next snapshot will not be until later in November.

So far, those who will move on to the Grand Final Championship Tournament in January are:




- Avilo


I will let you know who acquired the final 3 spots in our 1st qualifying round tomorrow once I have completed our review. I just want to be sure we have done the due diligence in the 1st round here.

Keep playing and climbing up the ladder and be sure to adhere to the legal rules for this first season. I know we could not accommodate to all countries just yet, we will add more for Season 2 and for all future tournaments. Apologies again to any countries who we couldn't get in this first season.

Thank you for the below thread as well, I hear the concerns on the players, the common factions, we are discussing here.

Congrats to the first 5 thus far, their stats are admirable thus far without a doubt.



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