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Prochain BattleCast PrimeTime et site...


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Apoc nous annonce sur le forum officiel l'ouverture demain d'un site officiel spécialement pour le TV C&C : www.commandandconquertv.com

Il y aura un nouveau show "Aftermath" qui vous montrera des images supplémentaires de BattleCast PrimeTime avec plus sûr Kane, plus sur Kane's Wrath et une preview de Battlecast PrimeTime 2.

Par ailleurs il nous donne le programme du prochain numéro qui sortira la semaine prochaine.

Hey everyone,

So you've probably been wondering what we have had up our sleeve next for Command & Conquer TV, and in particular, when the heck is the next episode of BattleCast PrimeTime coming back to you. Well wonder no more as I am about to drop the bombs on you.

This Friday we will premiere a brand new C&C TV website at www.commandandconquertv.com . We will also premiere a new show called "Aftermath".

" Aftermath" is meant to be a "directors cut" look back at what you didn't see in BattleCast PrimeTime, along with extended scenes and new information. In this first episode, you'll get more Kanes, more Kanes Wrath, a sneak peak at BattleCast Primetime Episode 2, and lots more. Check it out this Friday on the new C&C TV website, www.commandandconquertv.com .

And, your surprise new favorite online TV show hit, BattleCast PrimeTime will be firing back up on your computer screens next week. In Episode 2 we will have:

-An exclusive interview with Kanes Wrath designer Sam Bass on some of the hot fiction topics you've been burning to hear more about

-A Patch 1.09 interview with designer and top team player, Gavin Simon, as well as a full reveal of the 1.09 ReadMe here on the boards

-An inside look at our experience at the Leipzig Games Convention including the only place you'll see the behind closed doors demo of Kanes Wrath, expect a lot of new gameplay footage!

- APOC's Corner, hopefully you guys enjoy my attempt yet again at entertaining you, my eyes are not that evil!

-tons of news from Dave and Raj

-and of course, another new epic multiplayer battle between two top competitors, and even some surprise highlight reel segments

-this...and more

And we also have yet another show up our sleeve which we may debut late next week as well. I think even the most seasoned C&C 3 players will find it interesting and entertaining. The logo for the new show will be up on the new website Friday.

So, hit up www.commandandconquertv.com on Friday, it will launch. I will alert you guys hear on the boards when it is live.

Command & Conquer TV is an initiative built for the community and delivered to the community, to you guys. We're just getting started.



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stratégie spécial :arrow: Le rush de gros malade a l'infantrie ou au pitbull ou un p'tit raid d'ingénieur :lol: Ou alors quand on est pas mort avant et qu'on a de la thune le rush au mamouth!! :twisted:

C'est plutot ce que j'apelle de la cochonnerie, mais le pire c'est que cette stratégie merdique de masse fonctionne :oops: :evil:

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