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C&C Domination (Free to Play) Game

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Last Updated: 16 Nov 2012

What is CNC Domination?


CNCD is a Card Battle Game released in May 2012 for J2ME Mobile Phones. It is available as a Free-To-Play Mobile Social Game on the mig33 Mobile Social Network Platform, and can be played on a variety of supported devices including J2ME Phones (mig33 Midlet Clients), Blackberry (mig33 BlackBerry Clients), and Mobile N PC Browser (mig33 WAP).

In CNCD, players join either GDI or NOD and participate in PvP (Conquer System) and PvM (Missions System) in order to achieve Faction Dominance in weekly 72 hour long War Events (Friday 8am GMT to Monday 8am GMT). During the War Event, Players gain War Points by winning in PvP Conquer Matches. These Conquer Wins are accumulated on a faction-wide basis and "Win Totals" are compared when the War Event concludes. The winning faction is awarded a % War Points Bonus, and each player's accumulated War Points are redeemed for in-game prizes.

CNCD Unit Cards are based on GDI and NOD units from CNC1 through CNC4. Forgotten and SCRIN Units have yet to make an appearance, but new cards are released weekly so this might change in the near future. More powerful Unit Cards can be researched (Research System), produced (Armoury System) and combined (Combine System).

The CNCD Game Systems rely on an Energy Rate Limiter Mechanic, with Tiberium (the in-game currency) powering the economy. A cash item shop is available, and the various booster items (2x rate items, energy recharge, etc) can be purchased using migCredit (the mi33 platform's virtual premium currency).

Game Faction Balance is dynamic and influenced by the number of active players in each faction, as well as the relative card strengths these players use. Leaderboards showcasing War Event Scores, Level Rankings and Conquer Rankings are available; as are limited Invite N Alliance mechanics.

As in all "Free-To-Play" games, Paying Players have an advantage, but as all game systems are available to everyone (there is no premium-only content); its entirely up to you on how you wish to Command N Conquer - be it by investing time, money or inviting friends to the mix.

How To Play:


1) Goto the mig33 Registration Page here: https://register.mig33.com/

2) Register a new account using email (you can add your mobile phone if you want later)

3) Activate your account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email address

4) Play CNCD through this link: http://www.mig33.com...p/bot/bot_list?

Direct Play CNCD Link: http://www.mig33.com...nquerdomination

Game Clients:


CNC Domination is an Online Game Service, and at bare minimum requires an internet connection and a web browser to play.

PC / Mobile Web Browser: If you are reading this post, then you probably have the necessary hardware to play the game, just follow the "How to Play" instructions above!

J2ME Phone Client: CNCD is supported on the mig33 v4.2 Midlet Clients and above

BlackBerry Client: CNCD is supported on all mig33 BlackBerry Clients

Phone Clients Download Link: http://www.mig33.com/downloads

Given that it is always easier to play the game on a PC Web Browser, it is recommended that you stick to the first option (PC Web Browser), and only use the others if you want to play on the go.

mig33 is available on a variety of other devices including Android Phones, but CNCD can only be played on the above 3 client paths at this time.

Official mig33 CNCD Group:

As a Mobile Phone Community, mig33 has its own dedicated forum (called a Group) for each of the Social Games it hosts. As it is optimized for Feature Phones, functionality of these forums are relatively limited.

Even so, it might be a good idea to pop-in to check what new exploits or complaints that players have.

CNCD Group Link: http://www.mig33.com...home?cid=322957

The Rest of this Guide:

Now that you have gotten started with your CNCD War Machine, get accustomed to the crappy WAP interface (the game is intended for Java Phones after all), and click on any of the quick links below to fast forward to the section you require assistance on:

Basic Concepts:

  • - Factions
    - Player Stats
    - Energy
    - Tiberium
    - Cards

    • + Card Faction
      + Card Level
      + Card Rarity
      + Card Type
      + Card Modifiers
      + Card Stats

Game Systems:

  • - Command
    - Conquer (PvP)

    • - Effective Attack / Defense Values
      - Additional Conquer Example
      - 3 Opponents
      - Conquer Rewards

    - Mission (PvM)

    - Research

    - Production

    - Combine

    - Allies

    - migCredit Cash Items

Other Info:

- Regular Update Schedule

- Events N Contests

    • + 3-Day War
      + Boost Events
      + Contests

    - migCredit Store

Thank you.

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In CNCD you can choose to join either the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) or Brotherhood of Nod (NOD).

Joining a faction is done when you access the game for the first time, and this selection is permanent. If you wish to join another faction, you will have to create a new mig33 account.

Faction balance is dynamic, and depends on 2 major factors:

- Number of active players in each faction

- Relative card strengths of faction specific cards

New, powerful cards are introduced on a weekly basis and are primarily obtained through the Card Combine System. Player numbers vary from week to week as well, so balance in the Weekly War Event changes frequently; with GDI winning on some weeks, and NOD winning on other weeks.

As opponents found in Conquer depends on those who have joined and played the game, there is no hard and fast rule on which is the "easier" faction to play. Just choose the faction that you like the best.

Player Stats


There are a number of player statistics that indicate how far along you have progressed in the game. They are:

Energy: Start with 3 Energy at Level 1 (Private); Maxes out at 30 Energy at Level 24 (Master Sergeant 2)

Honor Rank (Level): This is your level, and is represented by Ranks (eg: Level 1 is Private).

Honor Points (Level Progress): This is the number of EXP points you need to reach the next Honor Rank.

Conquer Rank (Rating Bracket): This is your Conquer Rating Bracket. It is used to determine the opponents you fight in Conquer.

Conquer Points (Rating Progress): This is the number of Conquer Points you currently have.



Energy is the primary Rate Limiter in CNCD, and is used for almost all Game Systems - Conquer, Missions, Card Research and Card Combine. The only game mechanic that does not make use of Energy is Card Production (Armoury System).

You start with a 3 Energy Cap at Level 1 (Private), and get +1 Energy Cap for every Level you gain. You will max out at 30 Energy Cap at Level 24 (Master Sergeant 2).

Energy recharges at a rate of 1 Energy every 5 Minutes, although this rate is sped up during 2x Energy Recharge Events held during Special Occasions.

For example, if you are Level 25, you will have an Energy Cap of 30. If you have 0 Energy now, you will recharge back to 30 Energy in (30 x 5 = 150 Minutes or 2.5 Hours).



Tiberium is CNCD's in-game currency and can be earned in a variety of ways:

Conquer: You earn Tiberium for getting a Win or Draw result in Conquer

Mission Packs: You gain Tiberium by opening Mission Reward Packs obtained from completing Mission Campaigns

Selling Cards: You gain Tiberium by selling unwanted Unit Cards

Daily Reward: Logging into the game everyday will grant you a different reward, some of the rewards are Tiberium

Tiberium Reward: Logging into the game everyday will grant you an additional Tiberium reward, which increases by logging in on consecutive days

Tiberium is spent on the following Systems:

Research: Researching Cards cost Tiberium, Energy N Time

Armoury: Producing Cards cost Tiberium

Combine: Combining Cards cost Tiberium N Energy



Card Faction

There are 2 Factions in CNCD - GDI and NOD.

GDI Cards tend to have "green" background colors and are represented by an eagle faction icon.

NOD Cards tend to have "red" background colors and are represented by a scorpion faction icon.

Card Level

Each Unit Card in CNCD can have up to 3 different levels. The levels are represented by dogtags on the card image. Higher level cards are always stronger in terms of stats or modifiers, and can belong to a higher Rarity Grouping.

Card Level Groupings:

- 1 Dogtag: Level 1

- 2 Dogtag: Level 2

- 3 Dogtag: Level 3

Card Rarity

Card Rarity is an indication of that card's overall "power". While there are weak and strong cards in each Rarity Grouping, on average a (5 Star: Diamond) is stronger than a (4 Star: Platinum), and so on and so forth.

Card Rarity Groupings: (In Order of Ascending Card Strength)

- 1 Star: Bronze

- 2 Star: Silver

- 3 Star: Gold

- 4 Star: Platinum

- 5 Star: Diamond

Card Type

There are many different types of Cards in CNCD. Card Type is important to consider when fighting other cards.

Card Types:

- Infantry

- Tank

- Mecha

- Air

- Sea

Card Modifiers

Some cards are strong or weak against other types of cards. These strengths and weaknesses are shown in the Card Modifier Section.

Card Stats

The Card Stats show the Attack and Defense statistics for this card. These statistics are coupled together with the Card Modifiers in order to determine the result of a conquer.

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The following section describes CNamp;CD's major game systems. These are accessible via the "Quick Links" Nav Bar at the bottom of every page in the game.



As a Card Battle Game, CNamp;CD revolves around acquiring and using Unit Cards to do battle with other players in PvP (Conquer). The Command System facilitates the management of the Unit Cards you have.

In Command, you may access 5 Command Slots of Unit Cards; as well as 50 Reserve Slots of Unit Cards. The 5 Command Cards are used as your "Hand", and these cards are sent into battle whenever you initiate or defend against a PvP (Conquer).

Once you select a Faction to join, you will receive 5 Unit Cards which are automatically placed into your Command Slots. All Command Slots must be filled at all times, although you may Swap Unit Cards from one Command Slot to another; or Change Unit Cards in a Command Slot by replacing that Card with another Card in a Reserve Slot.

New Unit Cards that you acquire automatically go into your 50 Reserve Slots. You start with 0 Cards in Reserve, and can go about accumulating new Unit Cards through the following methods:

Lottery: Everyday that you login to the game will entitle you to one free Gacha Spin. Each Gacha Spin will always yield one Unit Card.

Card Packs: Card Packs are obtained through Daily Logins, War Events, and/or Store Purchases. Each Card Pack contains 2 to 5 Unit Cards.

Mission Packs: Mission Packs are obtained when you complete a Campaign. They can be opened via your Inventory, and will yield Tiberium or one Unit Card.

Production: Once you have researched a Unit Card, you may produce that Unit Card in the Armoury for Tiberium.

Card Combine: You can acquire new Unit Cards by combining 2 of your old Unit Cards.

You may sell unwanted Unit Cards in Reserve back to the computer in exchange for Tiberium.

Once your 50 Reserve Slots are filled up, you will not be able to acquire new Unit Cards. Weak Unit Cards should thus be sold for Tiberium, or combined into more powerful Unit Cards.

Conquer (PvP)

The primary gameplay mechanic in CNamp;CD is the Conquer System. By expending Energy, you may engage other players in PvP. The amount of Energy required for Conquer increases depending on your Level, with Conquers costing 1 Energy at Level 1, and maxing out at 4 Energy per Conquer at Level 70.

When you attempt a Conquer, you pit your 5 Command Slot Cards against your opponent's 5 Command Slot Cards. The cards fight in order, so your Slot 1 Card will only fight your opponent's Slot 1 Card; and so on and so forth.

The fight between individual cards is called a "Round", with each Conquer consisting of 5 Rounds, 1 Round pitting each of your cards against your opponent cards.

Round results are determined by the participating cards' effective attack and defense values.

Effective Attack / Defense Values

A card's effective attack and defense values are determined by the card stats added onto the card modifiers if the modifier conditions are met.

For example, a Gunboat III card has 7 Attack / 6 Defense Card Stats; and a -1 Defense vs Air Modifier. If that Gunboat III attacks an Air Type card, then the Gunboat's Effective Stats are: 7A/5D.

Round Win: You win a round if your card's effective attack is higher than the opposing card's effective defense.

Round Draw: You draw a round if your card's effective attack is the same as the opposing card's effective defense.

Round Lose: You lose a round if your card's effective attack is lower than the opposing card's effective defense.

There are 3 possible end results when you perform a Conquer:

- Win: Out of the 5 "Rounds", you have more wins than losses

- Draw: Out of the 5 "Rounds", you have equal wins to losses

- Lose: Out of the 5 "Rounds", you have less wins than losses

Additional Conquer Example

This means that the Conquer System inherently favors the attacker, as the calculation is only based on the attack values of the attacking card. Take for example the most powerful producible GDI Namp; NOD Cards:

- Shatterer III (Gold Tank Card): 5A/5D

- Enlightened III (Gold Mech Card): 6A/4D

If the attacker is GDI, the attacker will win as 5A (Shatterer III) trumps 4D (Enlightened III).

If the attacker is NOD, the attacker will still win as 6A (Enlightened III) trumps 5D (Shatterer III).

This is just as well since there are no penalties for losing a Conquer that you defended against (you do not lose any Conquer Points, Honor Points, War Points or Tiberium).

Thus when considering what Unit Cards to put under your Command, it is prudent to select the card with the highest effective attack stat.

3 Opponents

You will always be presented with a selection of 3 Opponents on your Conquer Page. The opponents shown depends primarily on your Conquer Rank Bracket.

You will only be able to Conquer opponents within 1 or 2 Brackets of your Conquer Rank. This is a game balancing mechanism to prevent overpowered players from repeatedly punishing weaker players.

For example, if you are in Conquer Rank Bracket "C", you may only fight against opponents who are in the "C-", "C" or "C+" Conquer Rank Brackets.

Conquer Rewards

You will receive Tiberium, Honor Points and Conquer Points upon completion of a Conquer. Reward amounts depend on the Conquer Result, your current Level (Honor Rank) and your opponent's relative Level (Honor Rank).

Win: Receive large amount of Tiberium, Honor Points, Conquer Points Namp; War Points (if War Event is active)

Draw: Receive medium amount of Tiberium, Honor Points, Conquer Points Namp; War Points (if War Event is active)

Loss: Receive minimal amount of Honor Points. Lose Conquer Points Namp; War Points (if War Event is active)

In general, the higher your Level (Honor Rank), the greater the rewards you will receive from conducting a Conquer.

In addition, if you win a Conquer, your opponent's relative Level (Honor Rank) will affect the rewards that you receive. Winning against a higher Level opponent will net the greatest rewards; whereas winning against a lower Level opponent will net lower rewards.

You may only fight one particular opponent 3 times within any 24 hour period. After you fight someone 3 times, he will not appear on your Conquer List again until 24 hours later.

Mission (PvM)


There are 2 types of Mission Campaigns in CNamp;CD - Special Namp; Regular Campaigns.

There is usually only 1 Special Campaign that is accessible to players, and these last for roughly 1 month at a time. New Special Campaigns are released in order to introduce new Unit Cards to the player base. When this happens, the old Special Campaign is usually withdrawn.

There are a total of 10 Regular Campaigns. Each Campaign consists of in between 3 to 5 Missions, with each Mission having 2 to 10 Stages. Stages are cleared by spending energy. Mission Stages have varying energy requirements, with some stages requiring 1 Energy each, and others requiring up to 4 Energy each.

When a Mission is completed, you are granted an EXP (Honor Points) reward. This applies for all Missions except for the Final Mission in each Campaign, which grants a Mission Reward Pack instead. Mission Reward Packs are Lottery Bags of sorts, you can open them in the Inventory and you get a chance of obtaining Tiberium or a Unit Card. Late Campaigns grant better rewards (higher Tiberium Namp; better Unit Cards), but cost more Energy to complete.

Regular Campaigns and its corresponding sub-Missions are unlocked in sequential order. For example, to access Campaign 2, you must first complete Campaign 1. Furthermore, you may only complete each unique non-Final Mission once, only Final Missions may be repeated. For example, Campaign 1 contains 3 Missions; once you complete C1M1, you gain access to C1M2, but lose access to C1M1. Once C1M2 is completed, you gain access to C1M3; upon its completion you gain access to C2M1. As C1M3 is the Final Mission in Campaign 1, you can repeatedly complete it to get Campaign 1 Mission Reward Packs.

In this way, the Mission System (PvM) is used primarily for farming Tiberium. Remember, unwanted cards obtained through Mission Reward Packs can be sold for Tiberium as well.

Campaign 01: 3 Missions

Campaign 02: 3 Missions

Campaign 03: 4 Missions

Campaign 04: 4 Missions

Campaign 05: 4 Missions

Campaign 06: 5 Missions

Campaign 07: 5 Missions

Campaign 08: 5 Missions

Campaign 09: 5 Missions

Campaign 10: 5 Missions


In CNamp;CD, you can research 3 types of Unit Cards (Infantry, Tank, Mecha) by spending Tiberium, Energy and Time. Unit Cards that have been successfully researched can be produced in the Armoury.

Each Unit Type Tree has 9 units, scaling from the weakest Bronze Card you can produce, to powerful Gold Cards at the very end. Note that the higher Rarity Cards (Platinum / Diamond) can only be acquired via Card Combine or Card Packs.

Infantry 1: Rifleman Squad / Militant Squad

Infantry 2: Grenadier Squad / Rocket Squad

Infantry 3: Zone Raider / Shadow Team

Infantry 4: Rifleman Squad II / Militant Squad II

Infantry 5: Grenadier Squad II / Rocket Squad II

Infantry 6: Zone Raider II / Shadow Team II

Infantry 7: Rifleman Squad III / Militant Squad III

Infantry 8: Grenadier Squad III / Rocket Squad III

Infantry 9: Zone Raider III / Shadow Team III

Tank 1: Pitbull Tank / Attack Bike

Tank 2: Shatterer Tank / Raider Buggy

Tank 3: Predator Tank / Scorpion Tank

Tank 4: Pitbull Tank II / Attack Bike II

Tank 5: Shatterer Tank II / Raider Buggy II

Tank 6: Predator Tank II / Scorpion Tank II

Tank 7: Pitbull Tank III / Attack Bike III

Tank 8: Shatterer Tank III / Raider Buggy III

Tank 9: Predator Tank III / Scorpion Tank III

Mech 1: Wolverine / Awakened

Mech 2: Titan / Enlightened

Mech 3: Mastodon / Purifier

Mech 4: Wolverine II / Awakened II

Mech 5: Titan II / Enlightened II

Mech 6: Mastodon II / Purifier II

Mech 7: Wolverine III / Awakened III

Mech 8: Titan III / Enlightened III

Mech 9: Mastodon III / Purifier III

As new cards are being added to the game on a regular basis, it is possible that the Research Tree might be expanded to include more units.



Cards that have been successfully researched can be produced in the Armoury for Tiberium. In general, most players research to the top tier, then equip their Command with the best Unit Cards they can produce.

However, the Production System is also useful for producing weak Unit Cards for use in the Card Combine System.


Card Combine is a method for you to acquire better Unit Cards by expending Energy, Tiberium and weak Unit Cards. 2 Cards in your Reserve are fused in the Combine process, with 3 possible results:

Success: Both of your Unit Cards are destroyed. A new Unit Card is created.

Fail: Both of your Unit Cards remain. No new Unit Card is created.

Break: Both of your Unit Cards are destroyed. No new Unit Card is created.

Results of Card Combine are solely dependent on the Card Rarity of the weakest Unit Card used for Combine:

Weakest Card:

Bronze: Combine success will generate Bronze, Silver or Gold Card

Silver: Combine success will generate Silver or Gold Card

Gold: Combine success will generate Gold or Platinum Card

Platinum: Combine success will generate Platinum or Diamond Card

It is thus advisable to combine Unit Cards of the same rarity, as using cards of differing rarity may result in combine generating a card that is weaker than the original cards used in combine.

For example, combine 2 Silver Cards for a chance to get a Silver or Gold Card; and combine 2 Gold Cards for a chance to get a Gold or Platinum Card. However, if you combine a Gold and Silver Card, then you will only receive a new Silver or Gold Card, at best.


Inviting your existing mig33 friends to play CNamp;CD will allow you to gain Allies. Note that your friends will need to join the same faction that you are in, in order to be considered an ally.

Inviting 1 friend will perform a free energy recharge on your account, limited to 1 recharge per day. So it is usually a good idea to invite 1 friend to CNamp;CD everyday.

Accumulating Allies will grant bonuses to Lottery Gacha chance. The more Allies you have, the higher the chance of getting a higher Rarity Unit Card when you open Gacha.

migCredit Cash Items

The migCredit Store can be accessed via the Quick Links Navbar (at the bottom of the screen).

You can purchase Cash Items to gain an edge over your opponents in battle, the Cash Items can be divided roughly into a number of categories:


- Energy +1 (Recharge 1 Energy)

- Energy +5 (Recharge 5 Energy)

- Energy +10 (Recharge 10 Energy)

- Energy Pack (Full Energy Recharge)

- Energy Bundle (Discounted Bundle of 3 Energy Pack)

Energy Items recharge your energy so you can do more in-game actions within a certain period of time. Energy Items can also be obtained for free via Daily Login Rewards and Weekly War Event Prizes.


- 2x Honor Points (60 Min) (Double EXP Gain for 60 Min)

- 2x Honor Points Bundle (Discounted Bundle of 3 (2x Honor Points))

EXP Items boost the rate at which you gain Honor Points from Conquer. These items stack with 2x Honor Points Boost Events, and activating multiple EXP items will extend the duration of the boost. For example, if there is a 2x Honor Points Boost Event going on, you can activate 2 EXP Items in order to get an effective 4x EXP for 120 minutes.


- Gacha (Unit Card Lottery Item)

- Gacha Bundle (Discounted Bundle of 5 Gacha)

Spin Gacha in order to win Unit Cards. The greater the number of Allies you have, the higher the chance of getting a better Unit Card from Gacha. You get one free Gacha spin for every day that you login to the game.

Card Packs

- Silver Pack (Pack of 5 Silver Cards)

- Gold Pack (Pack of 5 Gold Cards)

- Discounted Booster Pack (Pack of 2 Random Cards)

- Booster Pack (Pack of 5 Random Cards)

Open these Card Packs to get Unit Cards deposited into your Reserve Slots. Silver Namp; Gold Packs can be obtained as prizes in the Weekly War Event, with a 1 Card Platinum Pack available through the Daily Login Rewards. These packs are useful for Card Combine.


- Tiberium +20k (Item containing 20,000 Tiberium)

- Tiberium +100k (Item containing 100,000 Tiberium)

If you are too lazy to farm in Missions, you can purchase Tiberium directly. Tiberium is useful mostly for Card Combine, as the Research and Production Systems can usually be finished with relatively low amounts of Tiberium. Tiberium is also given out for free through the Daily Login Rewards, Daily Tiberium Reward and Weekly War Event. Unwanted Unit Cards can also be sold for Tiberium.


- Supply Pack (Bundle of 5 Energy Pack, Tiberium Namp; 3 Gacha)

Subscription items weekly renewable purchases that occur every Monday. Remember to click on this Cash Item to unsubscribe if you do not want to have a recurring purchase every week.

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Unit Cards

Infantry Cards


Tank Cards


Mech Cards


Other Cards


Regular Updates

CNCD updates game content on a weekly basis. On any given week there is a chance that some of the following releases will occur:

- New GDI + NOD Unit Cards

- New Regular Missions

- New Special Missions

- New Cash Items

- New Game Systems

Events N Contests

3-Day War

CNCD hosts a regular weekly 72-hour Faction War Event called "3-Day War" every Friday 0400 GMT to Monday 0400 GMT. In this war, players from each Faction (GDI or NOD) have their Conquer Wins accumulated on a Faction-wide basis. At the end of the War, total wins are tallied and a % boost to War Points is applied to all players on the winning side.

You can accumulate War Points by completing Conquer during the War Event, with different rewards depending on the Conquer result:

Conquer Win: +20 War Points

Conquer Draw: +10 War Points

Conquer Lose: -5 War Points

2x War Points Events are usually held in conjunction with the 3-Day War, meaning that War Points gain is usually 40 War Points per Conquer Win.

Your accumulated War Points + boost % is redeemed against the 3-Day War Prize list after the War concludes. Prize Tiers are spaced 1,000 points apart and the prizes consist of Tiberium, Energy and Card Packs. Prizes and Tiers change every 2 or 3 weeks depending on participation and other new game content that has been introduced to the game, so it is always worth participating in every War Event that you can.

Boost Events

In addition, a variety of other events are held on various special occasions or paired with special content releases:

0 Energy Combine

2x EXP (Conquer)

2x Tiberium (Conquer)

2x War Points (Conquer)

2x Mission Reward

2x Energy Recharge


Every week or so, a new contest promoting different in-game activities are held. Prizes come in the form of in-game items or mig33 items.

Combine Contest: Attempt / Succeed Combine X Times within Contest Duration

Research Contest: Reach X Research Stage within Contest Duration

Leveling Contest: Gain X Levels / EXP within Contest Duration

Mission Contest: Spend X Energy on Missions within Contest Duration

War Contest: Become the Top X on your Faction War Leaderboard within Contest Duration

migCredit Store

As CNCD is a Free-To-Play game, it is not necessary to spend money to play or win. However, if you wish to support the game and gain an unfair advantage by purchasing boost items, here's what you need to do:

1) Get migCredit: http://www.mig33.com/sites/wap/account/recharge_credit?

2) Spend migCredit in the CNCD migCredit Store (Link on Quick Links bar at bottom of the screen)

As CNCD is hosted on mig33, the only way you can spend real money on CNCD is by spending the mig33 virtual premium currency called "migCredits". You can purchase these through a variety of options including Bank Deposit / Transfer, Credit / Debit Cards, Moneybookers, or other mig33 players.

If you have migCredit, you can help your friends gain an advantage as well by transferring credit to them via: http://www.mig33.com/sites/wap/account/transfer_credit?

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Hi Guys,

Still have a couple of things to fix:

1) Links to anchors / posts in post #1

2) Insert images to liven up the guide

If you want to contribute any text / sub-guides / pictures to this guide, just post below and I'll add them in.

If you have any guide related questions about the game, just post below as well and I'll see how I can work the answers into the guide or one of the reserved posts.

If this thread is in the wrong section, please let me know so that I can request a moderator to move the thread.

If you have any other forums to recommend where I can post this guide on, please post the links below or email me: entropicanxiety@gmail.com


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