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Infos sur le patch 1.09

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Apoc vient de poster plusieurs infos sur le forum officiel :

- le patch 1.09 est en cours de test chez EALA, il sortira avec le battlecast viewer et les changements du ladder première moitié d'octobre.

- le contenu du patch sera dévoilé la semaine prochaine dans le Battlecast PrimeTime mais on sait déjà qu'il y aura des changements dans le système de collecte des ressources et dans l'infanterie.

Hey everyone,

Alright, first off, take a deep breath for a moment and check out all the upcoming fun with the ladder season starting Monday and Command & Conquer TV and a new website coming back to you Friday and plenty more next week.

That said, Patch 1.09 status update, here is the latest:

Patch 1.09 is currently in our QA department being tested. We are finally going to release the "free" Battlecast Viewer client alongside Patch 1.09 as a separate download. You may have been wondering about Battlecast, well, we have spent considerable time doing a huge facelift on the Battlecast system on our website and when Patch 1.09 releases, you will see a lot of those changes. The changes are intended to make the Battlecast system work MUCH quicker and be more user friendly. They will be very impactful significant changes, and i'm sure you'll be more inspired to broadcast your matches, watch them live, and even give yourself a shot at being on BattleCast Primetime. More on these changes as we get closer.

The full balance changes for Patch 1.09 will be revealed next week around when BattleCast Primetime Episode 2 debuts. The show will feature an in-depth interview with lead patch designer Gavin Simon, where he will explain the changes that are coming. This alongside the read-me will give you a very good understanding of the changes.

Just to remind you on some of the high level impactful changes:

- significant change to the economy involving the Harvest payload

-significant upgrade to infantry to make them much more worthwhile and usable

There is that and of course more, and a number of significant bug changes.

Patch 1.09 is on track for release in the 1st half of October as of right now. If that timeline changes, I will inform you. I always hate to put a specific date or even mention "1st half", but I feel confident in our dev team right now and it feels like we are on track to deliver within that time-frame.

The ladder season will not wait for Patch 1.09. Its time to kick it off and 1.09 will be a cool challenge wrench to throw in early on. We will not reset the ladder again until the end of the season.

It is with our best intent to continue patching Command & Conquer 3 and providing you the best community support possible we can daily.

So, to review:

Patch 1.09 + Battlecast Viewer (for those who dont own the game of course) + Battlecast website changes = 1st half of October.

Patch 1.09 full change- list, early next week.



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