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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod : Command & Conquer 2142


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j'ai decouvert un mod sur http://cnc3.net/ qui s'appel Command and Conquer 2142 qui reconstitue l'univert de battlefield 2142


il n'est pas encore sorti pas encore de beta : voici le site officiel du mod : http://cnc2142.cncguild.net/index.html

Liste Des Unités et Structures :

Unités de l'EU :

eu_tair.pngUD-12 Shepherd :

[small]The UD-12 Shepherd was developed with a single purpose, to convey military personnel into the combat arena, dropping soldiers via spherical, quick-drop escape pods. Slow moving, but direction flexible, the Shepherd draws on a marriage of multi-source jet propulsion and hover technology to travel long distances at a mid-level altitude. The UD-12 is shelled in composite, electrically charged armor lined with Nomex fiber and relies on two medium-caliber, bipod mounted automatics to repel assailants[/small]

eu_aair.pngUD-6 Talon :

[small]Quite simply, the UD-6 Talon gunship was built to kill. Nimble and deadly, this ultramodern, two-person, VTOL aircraft combines a multipurpose arsenal with a uniquely flexible flight profile, allowing the Talon to strike both air and ground targets with unparalleled force and accuracy. The Talon´s munitions include a gunner-controlled pneumatically charged, high velocity autoblaster and vectored thrust, high-impulse thermobaric missile launcher and a pilot-controlled rocket fire system. The dual-layered composite buffer system, with a depleted uranium mesh insert, is durable enough to withstand heavy fire without hindering the gunship´s maneuverability through excessive weight or rigidity[/small]

eu_apc.pngAMV-2 Groundhog :

[small]The AMV-2 Groundhog is a specialty personnel carrier, used to deliver infantry into escalated conflict areas. This near impenetrable transport is fortified by a multifaceted armor arrangement, including an amalgamated polymer lattice under five layers of alternating steel and ceramic plates, coated with extreme temperature resilient Kevlar. The driver is armed with an EMP launcher to disable enemy vehicles long enough to escape. Some variants of the AMV-2 are outfitted with ejecting assault pods, which soldiers can use to mobilize against airborne targets[/small]

eu_goliathifv.pngA3-Goliath IFV :

[small]The EU has created a mobile fortress that can carry several passengers, and neutralise infantry resistance in urban areas with deadly efficiency. It´s slow moving but the Goliath can withstand anything – even recovering from attacks by anti-vehicle weapons, thanks to its regenerating armour. It is also used to provide cover, as well as health and ammunition, to nearby infantry. It is equipted with a scattercannon for short-range use against soldiers, and a high-technology anti-vehicle projectile launcher, which homes in

on targets with a magnetic signature. There are also two grenadier positions and two 360° machine gun posts on this vehicle[/small]

eu_faav.pngMK-15 Bandit :

[small]Quick and agile, the three-occupant, MK-15 Bandit is a high-performance, four-wheel-drive FAV used primarily as a multi-terrain, front line, battle transport. Armored only with lightweight ceramic elements and Triplex plates, the latest aramid fire-resistant synthetic fiber, the Bandit sacrifices protection for speed, boasting a pulsed plasma thruster (PPT), providing short bursts of unrivaled acceleration. The Bandit is armed with a single, medium-caliber, anti-infantry repeater[/small]

eu_tank.pngA-8 Tiger :

[small]The A-8 Tiger is the latest version of the A-series heavy tank division, adding a Non-Explosive Reactive Armor (NxRA) package to its standard composite construction. An additional Active Defense System enables the Tiger to withstand heavy artillery and missile attacks. Increased engine torque and power-to-weight ratio enable the track-based Tiger additional mobility and improved speed across rugged terrain. The Tiger is equipped with a driver-controlled main cannon and a rapid-fire, high caliber repeater at the second position, providing robust firepower against ground-based infantry and armored vehicle targets[/small]

eu_mech.pngL5 Riesig :

[small]What the L5 Riesig Battlewalker loses in forward velocity, it makes up for ten-fold in offensive potency and scope. The bipedal configuration of this next generation assault unit enables it to traverse almost all terrains while its elevated vantage point, providing long distance viewing and multi-directional targeting, gives it a significant advantage over low height, horizontally-based agents. Manned by two occupants, the Battlewalker is outfitted with an array of weaponry, including two rapid-fire cannons and a dual-arena, infrared homing missile system. The Battlewalker armor is multi-layered, combining steel and reinforced plastic laminates with kinetic energy and heat absorbing materials. An automatic Active Defense System assists in resisting off air and ground fired rocket attacks[/small]

eu_titanSMALLER.pngEU MK-1 Titan :

[small]- strong, defensive shield

- fast-cooling anti-air torrents

- rapid-firing air-to-ground cannons

- highly defensible headuarters[/small]

Structures de l'EU :


Unités de la PAC (CPA en Francais) :

pac_tair.pngBTR-20 Yastreb :

[small]Similar to its EU counterpart, the UD-12 Shepherd, the BTR-20 Yastreb armored air transport is a slow-moving, easily visible target best limited to personnel pick-up and delivery. In contrast to the Shepherd, the PAC Type 20 substitutes Self-Limiting Explosive Reactive Armor (SLERA) for the UD-12's electrically charged scheme and complements the arrangement with an alternative Triplex synthetic material. Like the EU air transport aerodyne, the Yastreb is also vulnerable to attack with only two personnel-scaled assault weapons at the passengers disposal[/small]

pac_aair.pngType 4 Doragon :

[small]Appropriately named Doragon, meaning Dragon, the Type 4 Air Mobile Multipurpose Platform (AMP), like it's EU equivalent, provides unparalleled usability and firepower in any theater. With a range of armaments, an active protective system, and a high-tech, 'anticipatory' flight control system, the Doragon is a highly mobile, dynamically potent, multi-situational assault medium. The Type 4 arsenal includes a semi-dumbfire missile cluster, employed exclusively against close-range, heat-trackable targets[/small]

pac_apc.pngBTR-4 Romanov :

[small]Almost identical to the X-81 Groundhog, the BTR-4 Romanov provides a highly secure means for infantry to penetrate hotly-contested battle zones. Utilizing a ready-launch assault pod system in some variants, the Romanov is very effective as a Titan assault vehicle, propelling infantry directly into close-range strike positions. The driver's side is fitted with a gas-actuated, medium caliber automatic, as well as a vehicle-disabling EMP grenade launcher. The gunner mans a medium-range, auto mortar[/small]

pac_hachimoto.pngType-36 Hachimoto :

[small]The PAC has opted for a light, hovering attack vehicle, created for lightning strikes against enemy vehicles and troops. This speed comes at a cost: the Hachimoto´s armour can only withstand small arms or machinegun fire, and both pilot and passenger are exposed. Although the driver has limited weaponry, in the gunner position you have a powerful, fast-firing 360° rotational grenade launcher and a remotely guided

anti-vehicle missile[/small]

pac_faav.pngUAZ-8 Ocelot :

[small]In 2032, the PAC developed the UAZ-8 Ocelot FAV based on a stolen Bandit prototype, creating an equally dexterous, high-speed, off-road-capable transport medium. Substituting a boron carbide-filled resin aggregate armor system for the Bandit's ceramic-based matrix, the UAZ-8 Ocelot trades a negligible decrease in protection in exchange for an increase of five miles-an-hour maximum speed. Similar to its FAV contemporary, the UAZ-8 Ocelot also provides short-duration speed boosts through a hypochlorite-based, fuel-oxidization injector[/small]

pac_tank.pngType 32 Nekomata :

[small]Utilizing state-of-the-art, air-assisted levitation technology, the Type 32 Nekomata hover tank is the very latest in armored combat, boasting unmatched mobility across almost any topography. Similar to the A-8 Tiger, the Nekomata incorporates NxRA technology into its composite armor base and uses an Active Defense System to ward off high impact, airborne weapon attacks. It also matches the A-8attack capabilities with a driver-controlled cannon and second position repeater[/small]

pac_mech.pngT-39 Bogatyr :

[small]When the widespread climatic changes severely altered the Earth's landscape, the PAC military developed an assault vehicle to handle these new diverse conditions by employing a more versatile anthropoid structure. Later duplicated by the EU forces in the form of the L5 Bogatyr, the PAC T1 Battlewalker changed the face of warfare forever. The T39 Bogatyr is the most recent adaptation, shielded with full-coated, high-impact armor and an embedded ADS and supplied with an assortment of attack options, counting radar-guided, high-damage impulse rockets and a pair of heavy-duty auto-cannons[/small]

pac_titan.pngPAC Type-2 Titan :

[small]- strong, defensive shield

- fast-cooling anti-air torrents

- rapid-firing air-to-ground cannons

- highly defensible headuarters[/small]

Structures de la PAC :


Page ModDB du Mod

Il y aura une traduction avant la fin de la semaine

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