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Command & Conquer SAGA

Version Lite et baisse de prix

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Aaron Apoc Kaufman vient de nous envoyer un mél avec queqlues infos sur Alerte Rouge 2.5 pour Iphone :

· C&C Red Alert iPhone has price dropped to $4.99 until January 8th, steal of a deal for a massive game in the palm of your hand. You can also now download the LITE version for free to give it a test drive.

Le jeu est à 4.99$ (3.99 euros) jusqu'au 8 janvier et une version lite (gratuite) pour tester est là (perso je ne l'ai pas encore vu sur le AppStore français ni US.

· Tomorrow Dec 17th and Dec 18th, the Assault Map Pack will be available for download for free. It is usually priced at 99 cents, so get some free maps while you can! Play on 6 MORE skirmish maps in both single and multiplayer modes.

Le pack de maps supplémentaires sera gratuit le 17 (là encore c'est à vérifier pour l'AppStore français)

· ESCALATE THE ACTION IN MULTIPLAYER MODE. Now you can go head-to-head against your strongest opponents via WiFi and Bluetooth. If you own C&C iPhone, just update your app and you'll be on your way. We've also fixed a critical crash as well.

· And finally, the “EMPIRE OF THE RISING SUN” EXPANSION PACK for C&C iphone gunning to go live before the end of this month. New story, units, structures, and even new Soviet and Ally units as well.


Pach Multi et Pack Empire (voir nos précédentes news)



If you're a C&C fan and you own an iPhone then stop reading this and go get some RTS In your hand with C&C Red Alert iPhone. My seal of approval, you'll enjoy it.

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