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Mod : ROTR, Petite présentation...


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[justify]Petite présentation ... de la release à venir très bientôt du mod Rise of the reds pour CnC: Generals - Heure H. Sans plus de discours là voici :[/justify]







Voici quelques nouvelles unités :

Le Char Golem


[justify]Ce char, récemment sorti des usine d'Uralvagonzavod, est l'un des plus moderne de la cavalerie russe. Il se montre résistant aux radiations.

The Golem is the latest design of the famous Uralvagonzavod Plant, responsible for much of the modernization of Russia´s Armor. Not only this tank is a heavier class than the standard Russian Kodiak but it´s made to function in the harshest environments of warfare in mind. The Golem can operate for days in ground zero where a nuclear missile has recently hit but in areas that biological warfare also affected.

How the crew can survive these conditions is a mystery not only to the public but also to the Russian military as only a chosen few have been given the honor to be inside the Golem. It has been confirmed the crew are seen using standard Russian combat chemical suits before entering the tank.[/justify]

The Russian TU 22 M3 Backfire


[justify]Ce bombardier supersonique s'est fait un nom durant l'invasion de l'Europe. Il est équipé de missile de croisière.

This supersonic bomber made itself a name in the European Invasion. In the battle of Berlin when it seemed the conflict would end in a stalemate, over one hundred of Backfires filled the skies and hit defending European installations. Before the Europe remnants could realize what was going on, they were swarmed by Russian ground forces and were finished swiftly.

The Backfire is known for going near enemy territory and firing their cruise missiles beyond a range enemy anti-air can fire back. The bomber is famous for flying in wings of three. Once the target is within range they safely fire their payload in synchronization. The European Continental Army has recently designed a counter to the Backfire; however the Russian Air Force has been very cunning avoiding it.[/justify]

The Chinese Twin Fang


[justify]La mort venue du ciel ne fait plus peur à la Chine, le Twin Fang peut délivrer un feu dévastateur sur tous les aéronefs dans les environs. Sa principale faiblesse concerne sa vitesse de rechargement plutôt lente.

Death from above is something China no longer fears. The powerful Twin Fang delivers devastating flak to all aircraft that dare to come near. Its performance is matched by its ease of production. The Twin Fang is already a common sight among Chinese forces, all around the globe. Even skilled pilots are no match for its accurate and powerful slugs, capable of downing aerial threats in seconds.

The only weakness the Twin Fang has is that it requires reloading after its six round salvos. This allows enemies a window of opportunity. At the center of the turret contains a powerful onboard radar, capable of detecting aircraft long before they get into firing range. There have been cases of Chinese personnel dying of exposure in proximity to the device.[/justify]

Troop Crawler


[justify]Ce transport de troupe est équipé de haut-parleurs d'embrigadement.

A favorite by Chinese generals despite its considerable years of service, the Troop Crawler is still active within the People´s Liberation Army. It has gone under a minor modification however allowing it to be fitted with speaker towers encouraging it´s passengers to fight with undying resolve.[/justify]

American Targeteer Drone


[justify]Ce drone américain assiste les autres forces à locker leurs cibles.

The Targeteer Drone is a new addition to the arsenal of the U.S armed forces. The Targeteer supports its parent vehicle by closing in on the target and activating a targeting laser that boosts the firing rate of all friendly units engaging that target. It has received nicknames from American troops that have seen it in action such as ‘Lil´ Hemorrhoid´ but even those like to crack jokes at the Targeteer cannot deny its usefulness in combat.[/justify]

The American M48 Chaparral


[justify]Ce célèbre Antiaérien lourd reprend du service avec de tout nouveaux missiles. Ses atouts reposent sur trois choses : Précision, Puissance de feu, Distance de tir.

The Chaparral is back from its retirement in the 90´s and even though the frame is mostly unchanged it´s now packing AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles. Not only the new missiles boost performance over the old Sidewinders but make the Chaparral an anti-air platform that can be easily manufactured and is reliable.

The Chaparral is known for three things: precision, firepower and long range. Once a target is locked on and the missile is fired there is no escape for its prey. If your Raptors aren´t enough then what you need is a Chaparral. It will keep your skies safe and will seriously discourage future air incursions from your enemy.[/justify]

Et voici un résumé de la release à venir :


[justify]Rendez-vous en décembre pour la première version. La suivante, avec le nouveau GLA et l'Europe, est promise pour bientôt.[/justify]


Plus sur les mods CnC: Generals

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