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BFME || Patch 1.03


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Aaron Kaufman l'a annoncé, le patch 1.03 pour Battle for Middle Earth est quasiment fini, il me reste qu'à le traduire dans les 11 langues.

Lo and behold, a miracle is arising and I tempt you not. Patch 1.03 is officially in LT, which stands for "Language Translation" for our international territories. This basically means the 150+ tool tip changes, among other changes, need to be translated to 11 different languages so everyone around the world can understand and enjoy the patch. We just went in today.

As i've said, we have been working on this patch non-stop for the past month in between finaling BFME 2. The unfortunate consequence of this timing, as has been the case all along is the amount of resources we we have physically been able to dedicate to the patch within QA. There are protocols the patch must go thru that we have no choice but to follow, such as the LT phase.

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