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Xbox : Vidéos, Concept-Arts, Interview...

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La Fureur de Kane sort cette semaine sur Xbox360 et EA nous fait le plein d'infos avec des vidéos mais aussi des concepts et images exclusives !

On commence avec deux trailers pour le jeu (ce n'est pas un add-on) pour Xbox360. Le premier date déjà un peu, le deuxième a deux-trois jours :





Sur le site officiel Xbox360, EA a publié la liste des bonus (wallpapers...) a acheté sur le Xbox Live Market :

Enfin une interview de Mike Colonnese (Associate Art Director) :

We got a chance to catch up with Mike Colonnese to do a special Art and Modding interview for Kane's Wrath. Learn the unit creation process, how to react to changes in art, how to become a modeler, and much more with this exclusive interview!

Mike Colonnese: Associate Art Director

1. What is the first thing you do to start the process of creating the art for a unit?

Usually I begin by spending some time interviewing the designers, asking what the basic function of the unit is. What is its approximate size, scale and cost relative to other units? From there we discuss its personality. What kind of impression do we want to make on the player when they first see it on the battlefield? Is it fast, stealthy, powerful? What´s its history and why does this faction need it in the combat chain? When we´ve covered all the functional bits, we now have some driving logic for what the unit may look like. I try to keep this very wide open in the early stages, just allowing everyone to spill out any fun or ridiculous ideas they may have. With all this information, I will finally sit down, some place quiet hopefully, and just start sketching out ideas for what the new unit may look like. I am also trying to find new and interesting forms that also fulfill the units functional needs/limitations at this point.

2. What are some of the complications that usually come up?

No matter how well we plan, there is always some re-design that will occur along the way. Either we find out the game engine can´t successfully accomplish what we want to do, or story/game balance requires the units functionality to be altered. Being able to adapt quickly to these challenges is actually part of the fun, if you have the right attitude.


3. If a concept doesn´t make the cut, how do you react? Do you build off of it to create something new? Do you move on to a clean slate?

Having your art cut or altered is all part of the job. The most successful artists are those that realize this early and are able to keep rolling in a positive and creative direction regardless. There will always be more video games so, if a concept doesn´t work this time around, I just file it away in my image library.

4. What is the hardest part of the unit creation process?

Creating something that hasn´t been done before. That is why we are so proud of the Mechapede.


5. Do you work with other team members when creating art for the game?

Of course. I could just draw sketches at home if I did not want work with other people but, I find it far more productive and rewarding to be around my friends here at EALA. They are all able to give me honest feedback on my concepts and they are actually really good at getting me to think about ideas I never would have had on my own.

6. How does someone become a modeler?

When I was in college I took out a loan and bought an expensive computer and some 3D modeling software and taught myself. Now I think it would be much easier. The software is cheap, Mod SDK´s are available, and colleges actually have classes in digital art now.


7. What are some tips do you have for mod developers?

Keep it simple. Don´t worry about learning the more complex tools in your painting or modeling software yet. You can build anything out of a simple box. Also, learn from others. Don´t be too proud to ask others how they work or imitate their technique/style. Everything has been done before and nobody starts from scratch.

8. How long does it take to get a unit created for the game?

About 6 days. 2 days concept drawing, 2 days modeling, and 2 days texturing. From there we throw it in game as a prop to see if original idea still holds together before spending a lot of effort on animation, FX, and engineering.


9. What is your favorite unit that you created for any game?

GDI Hammerhead. I´m a big fan of flying gunships like the Russian Hind and C130. I just like the idea of taking a reliable old school air frame and tacking on a ridiculous amount of fire power!

10. What is the most fun part of your job?

Seeing something that started as a doodle of an idea in my sketchbook, end up running around in game. I´m the easiest person to beat in a skirmish game because I´m always distracted by all the work the artists have put in.


Thank you Mike for your time and answers.

Check out Kane's Wrath when it lands June 23rd!


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