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Command & Conquer SAGA

Nouvelles suspensions sur CnC3

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Apoc vient d'annoncer une nouvelle vague d'une centaine de suspensions sur le ladder de CnC3 de tricheurs ou de déconnecteurs.

Par ailleurs, Apoc annoncera dans la journée les qualifiés pour le tournoi de janvier.

APOC's Iron Clad Fist has struck again, laying the ban hammer down on over 100 accounts, including a few feisty cheaters who thought acquiring a second serial key would prevent us from noticing. Thank you Nukewave, Xtrapas, MexicanBrother, and Vision for all your support on this latest round of bans and suspensions.

A few notables who felt the wrath if the Iron Fist were:

-Terroristauska and all his other names

-XANATUSISBACK and all his other names and you're not back anymore buddy

-Alireza, you can give up now



- KLAUS3333



- WULF07

And plenty more. I know you've been waiting all month for swift action, apologies if this comes a couple weeks later than expected, but trust me, I take pride in the IRON FIST. I will continue to lay the smackdown on all those who wish to disconnect, cheat, and spam our lobbies. You cannot hide. Go bugger off somewhere else.

Now, last announcement, later today I will be posting the brackets for our grand championship ladder season.

Question, who would be interested in a contest where you predict the winner? Those who get it right will be entered in to a random drawing for a copy of Kane's Wrath. Let me know if you like that idea.

Cheers to all,


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