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Mods CnC3 - Apoc explique le support...


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Dans un très long message sur le forum officiel Apoc revient sur le support des mods CnC3.

Les outils mis à la disposition de la communauté sont en gros les outils utilisés par l'équipe de CnC3 pour faire le jeu. Ces outils ne sont pas facile à utiliser et modder un rts est selon Apoc une chose bien plus compliqué que modder un FPS. Toujours selon Apoc, CnC3 propose avec son SDK l'outil le plus complet en matière de mods pour RTS.

Il revient longuement sur le fait que le moteur SAGE n'est pas un moteur revendu par EALA et que donc on ne peut pas espérer avoir le support qu'aurait un moteur comme UNREAL ou Crytek. En effet ces moteurs étant revendus à d'autres compagnies, leurs créateurs ont des départements entiers qui travaillent sur le support.

Apoc travaille sur des idées pour soutenir d'avantage la communauté mods cnc.

Hey guys,

I am seeing some serious complaints here that concern me.

I have posted the updated 1.09 SDK, apologies this is later than you'd expect, but its not something we could turn around overnight. I've also been out two days this week. And we added some updated documentation as well to the SDK which is very cool.

As far as the SDK itself goes, I talk to SmurfBIzkit, JonWil, the Asylum guys, and others, and have heard nothing but praise for the modding tools we have provided. Yes there are issues like the Civillian buildings and the APC, but by and large, the SDK gives you the power to mod our game in to something completely different. It may be advanced, but modding isn't something you're supposed to learn overnight. And modding RTS games in my opinion is harder than FPS and not-newbie friendly.

The tools you have for the MOD SDK are the exact same tools we used to make C&C 3, the new pipelines, etc. There are certain aspects of our tools which we cannot provide because they are propietary, but by and large, you have the same tools we used to make the game.

Our MOD SDK and tools are not exactly the same as Generals days and I apologize if thats what you want. The tools are far more advanced and just as powerful, and do require some time to learn how to use them.

Its inconcievable to expect things to work exactly the same as they did back in 2003 and its even more inconcievable to think you can just pick it up without opening or learning the documentation provided.

We cannot offer official support for the MOD SDK beyond what is provided right now. The MOD SDK provided gives you tools far surpassing any other RTS game out there right now, show me an RTS doing it better and i'll take some key learnings, but as far as I see, the C&C moddding community is the best out there, I contribute that to you guys and your dedication. We expect modders to come up with new tools to do things we could not provide upfront, that is the beauty of the modding community. There are things I cannot give to you legally because they are propietary tools, but folks like Deezire, jonWil, and yourself, come up with ways around that which is fantastic and what I hope for.

I think we've shown more support for this modding community than ever before and certainly more than most RTS games can speak for. We're not Unreal or Crytek, I can't promise you that level of support and did not from the beginning.

I am exploring the idea of doing a "Make Something Unreal" type contest, but again, I don't have a million bucks or even $10,000 bucks to offer up right now, but i'm working on some ideas.

Deezire, Smurf, Jonwill, Dippers, the Asylum guys, and others, e- mail me regularily. We're doing our best to support the top modding issues.

We did provide tons of assets in our art packs for your reference, but we cannot provide everything. The MOD SDK Art Pack 2 had other models in it and is available on our website.

I will try and spend more of my time in this forum to hear the issues. I get e- mails from modders all the time, but I don't have the ability to address all issues or always give you the files you want.

Unreal has a whole sector of their company dedicated to their tools because developers like us here at EALA use their engine for games like Medal of Honor Airborne, and other developers as well. They need to have that intense level of support. It is more their business than actually making games themselves. Crytek is similar.

SAGE and most other game engines are not, its a completely different dynamic expectation. Please do not compare us to UNREAL, because I will be the first to tell you, we cannot offer nearly that same level of support. if our engine was licensed and such, I'd have a lot more resources at my disposal, but its not the case.

This is why I love the C&C modding community because you guys become experts at our tools as well *after* you learn how to use them. Modding our game is an advanced practice, and you need to invest the time to learn how to do it and maximize our tools and learn from others in the community.

I really appreciate all the mods in production and other tools made to help benefit you, so if its a matter of exposing those more here or on our official website, that is what I will improve upon.

I appreciate the support from those who e-mail me and those who post help here on the forums, including our mods.

A lot of the best mods are knee deep in production, when they are ready to launch, you can bet I will make a big splash out of it and recognize.



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