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Command & Conquer SAGA

Infos Patch 1.09 + Bugs + BattleCast PT3

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Apoc vient de sortir un long sujet sur le forum officiel pour nous donner des infos sur le patch 1.09 et sur certains bugs.

Le patch 1.09 ne sortira pas cette semaine. Apoc avait dit il y a deux semaines environ qu'ils souhaitaient sortir le patch + battlecast viewer + la nouvelle partie web de battlecast cette semaine.

Mais comme mentionné dans une news récente, EALA a une obligation de mettre à jour le fichier lisez moi et de le soumettre à un contrôle interne d'EA. Le texte a été soumis cette nuit et cela prend environ une semaine +/- 2 jours s'il n'y a pas de problèmes détectés.

Apoc explique cela pour être très franc sur les procédures et aussi rapeller que sortir un patch n'est pas aussi facile pour eux qu'il en a l'air ; surtout qu'entre le patch et le battlecast viewer il s'agit de grosses modifications.

Par ailleurs BattleCast PrimeTime 3 sortira le 25 octobre donc une grosse semaine en vue.

Hey everyone,

Here is a quick update on patch 1.09 and then some further updates on some common bug issues I've seen and some answers to help out on that.

Patch 1.09 will not be coming out this week. You may remember I said a couple weeks back that it was with our best intent to release the patch + battlecast viewer + battlecast website changes all by this week, but as mentioned last week, we had a legal setback which required us to modify our Read-Me and thus pushed our submission date to the final approvals back a few days. So tonight we are submitting to the final processes and they usually take about a week, give or take a few days. Right now, unless we get a showstopper that requires fixing before release, we're aiming for a late week release, next week.

I want to be open and candid about our processes so hopefully you understand why we have setbacks sometimes and also why releasing patches isn't always as easy as it sounds And this is a big release between the patch and Battlecast changes. Not to mention, BattleCast Primetime Episode 3 will be dropping on you on Oct 25th as well, a lot going on next week!

Apoc regarde en ce moment à comprendre et à trouver des solutions pour les problèmes de connection que rencontrent certains joueurs.

And on the note of connectivity issues, I am still uncertain exactly what the primary cause is for some people. I am trying to get more specific info on the thread, appreciate you baring with me, i'll do whatever I can to accomodate.

Enfin Apoc a étudié sur les forums officiels tous les bugs annoncés et il va tenter de donner une réponse pour chacun des bugs : s'il est déjà corrigé, s'il va être corrigé dans le patch 1.09, ou si le bug est trop "risqué" pour être modifié.

Now for a slight change but related pace, we've seen a lot of issues being reported that people would like fixed in the 1.09 patch or future patches. Issues people note back to past patches and general game design issues. As is the case with everything, we can't possibly accomodate to all errors or bugs reported, sometimes certain bugs are too risky to touch, sometimes a bug being reported is actually "BY DESIGN" and intended, and sometimes issues being reported are already fixed in an upcoming patch, like 1.09 for example.

Voilà si dessous la liste de quelques bugs avec les réponses rapides compilées par Apoc et le service QA :

Below is a subset list of some common issues we've been seeing with our QA department, so we compiled a quick list here with some responses to clear the air. See below

Campaign Issue

- Transmission log errors:

(Image 1) http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/1458/23976445sx9.jpg

(Image 2) http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/4237/93318660za6.jpg

- Intel Database Problem:


These issues are caused by loading save information from before the patch that fixed the issue. Starting the campaign anew will fix the issue.

Ce problème de chargement de vidéos et de Database a été réglé dans un prcédéent patch mais si vous l'avez toujours c'est que vous charger des données d'avant le patch... il vous faut donc refaire la campagne...

Interface Issue

- Hitting "Q" on the keyboard to select all combat units will also select non-combat units like the mini mcvs, MCV, engineer.

This is intended and by design.

General Gameplay Issues

-Non detector units can detect Vertigo bombers if the vertigos fly over the unit.

-Many non-detector units can detect mines

-GDI Rifleman sometimes detect stealth tanks even if it´s not in attack mode.

Infantry can detect stealth by design.


- When watching replays, if you alt-tab out of C&C3, occasionally when you go back (time might be a variable here) images are distorted. For instance, buildings won't always appear, or when a super weapon is used, you won't see all of the animation (on one occasion, an ion cannon was used, and the distortion affect was completely absent -- only the brightness from the lighting was seen and the black fallout on the ground).

Alt+Tab is not officially supported in CnC3. While we may have not made that abbundantly clear, its certainly something which can cause some random issues such as noted above. Advise you don't do it :)

Tiberium/Harvesting Issue:

- 1.07 helped make harvesters smarter but created a new problem:


With 1.07, harvesters only check if there's any tiberium next to the square of tiberium it's currently harvesting. If there is none, it will return to the refinery, even if there's plenty tiberium left in the tiberium field.

This issue should be fixed in upcoming Patch 1.09.

*Mothership Issue:

-Will not fire on something no matter how many times you tell it to. This also works with control+fire. Sometimes it will not get in range to even shoot.

-If it gets interrupted while trying to shoot, sometimes it will never shoot again, but instead spin around in circles

Should be fixed in upcoming Patch 1.09.

*Other Issue:

-Scrin devastators will fly right up to anti air to attack it rather than staying back and shooting it.

Should be fixed in patch 1.09. A major change was made to how these units acquire at their max radius.

-The tool- tip display on the Devourer Tank's conversion beam ability tells you that you can absorb tiberium from the environment OR resource structures. Yet when you try to use the ability on a resource structure, nothing happens.

See: http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/9296/devtankre9.jpg

You can absorb from structures by using the ability on the structure. This should work fine.

*Decoy Issues

-Decoyed flame tanks still cause damage to infantry

-Decoyed avatar with flame thrower will still cause damage to infantry.

-Decoyed nod cycles can still damage aircraft

All decoys do damage, but a very very small amount of damage. This is to make them more difficult for your opponent to differentiate.

-You cannot select harvesters and the rig by highlighting them. It will only select the rig.

This is as designed, attack units are selected with box-select to make it easier to select only attack units.

So there you go, some explanation on some common issues, not always what you want to hear:), but it is more clarity and probably fuel for further conversation in some respects. Certainly this is a small sub-set of the wide range of issues people report daily, but ideally I try and get feedback on top issues and issue the moderators report to me.



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si je comprend bien,le vaisseau mere alien sera affaibli,c'est ca?

là on parle de bugs qui font qu'il ne fonctionne pas toujours bien et c'est bugs seront corrigés dans le prochain patch... pour les modifs de puissance faut voir le topic à ce sujet.

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