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Command & Conquer SAGA

Nouvelle version de OpenRA !

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Une nouvelle version de OpenRA est dispo. Celle-ci intègre de nouvelles maps, l'espion, le générateur d'ombre...

Pour télécharger, ça se passe par là :

Voici le changelog entier (en anglais) :

o Maps

- Added a new RA Map by Nukem: Tainted Peak

- Dropped three RA Maps: Daejeon, Mjolnir, and No Fly Zone.

o Added a Sound Engine game setting: Sound.Engine=AL.

- "AL" uses OpenAL, "Null" gives you no sound.

o Warnings are shown to lobbies when a DEV_VERSION client joins.

o General gameplay changes:

- Buildings now take 10 seconds to capture.

- New units now attack-move to the designated rally point.

o RA changes:

- Spy

> Can infiltrate Refinery: Steals 50% of a player's cash, minimum $500.

> Can infiltrate Radar Dome: Resets exploration for the enemy team.

> Is equipped with a Silenced PPK. Use force-fire to assassinate an enemy unit (careful, your disguise will be dropped).

- Gap Generator made available to Allies.

- Tanya made available only to Allies.

- Pillboxes now include a rifle infantry when built. Pillboxes are garrisonable, so swapping the unit inside changes the weapon fired.

- Camo Pillbox was removed (temporarily).

- Artilleries have a 75% chance of exploding on death, down from 100%.

- Flamethrower received new art for its flame effect, as well as an overall damage increase.

- AI: Replaced Normal AI with two new AIs: Rommel and Zhukov.

- Zhukov is a turtle, but sends large attacks with Artillery and V2.

- Rommel is a modified Hard AI; sends Artillery and V2, but doesn't like light vehicles.

o CNC changes:

- A10's speed increased, Napalm Drop damage increased.

- Chinooks now carry up to 10 passengers.

- Sight of all infantry was increased by 1 tile.

- Chem Warrior/Flamethrower/Grenadier damage vs certain armor types increased.

- Artillery's attack range was doubled.

- Guard Tower's attack range increased by 1.

- Increased sight of Construction Yards and MCVs.

- Construction Yard armor type changed to Heavy (previously Wood).

- Harvester armor type changed to Heavy (previously Light).

- Reduced the probability of SpawnVisceroid from 10% to 2%.

- Reduced the damage and size of Grenadier death explosions.

- Units no longer target buildings when attack-moving or when idle. They still target defensive structures (except SAM sites).

- AI is now reasonable and playable.

o General mod support and bug fixes:

- New CloakPaletteEffect trait for adding a shimmer effect to cloaked units.

- Cargo trait now allows initial passengers when units are built.

- Capture time length is adjustable

- Custom starting units can be used for each faction.

- General engine tweaks.

- Main menu no longer vanished after a lobby disconnect.

- Fixed a crash with capturing/selling buildings at the same time.

- Fixed a crash in server in StartGame if there were unvalidated connections.

- Fixed a crash in the CNC replay viewer.

- Fixed a bug in CNC where radar would not be shown if dead/spectating.

- Fixed a bug where passengers could shoot from transports.

- Improved error messages given with bad MiniYaml indentations

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