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Modes Xbox360 et pas sur PS3

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Dans une interview pour Gamespot, Mike Verdu détaille les modes multijoueurs exclusivement sur Xbox360 : siège, capture the flag, conquer...

In conquer mode, you build your armies up to a set point limit before the game starts and then defeat your opponent in a "no reinforcements" fight to the death. Siege is a "turtling" mode where a wall of energy is put up between the players that keeps them from attacking each other for the first five minutes of gameplay. Capture the flag features a flag hidden in the middle of the map, and each team that returns the flag to their base gets a point, with the winner being the first player to five points.

Ea Predator revient sur ce sujet, en confirmant que ces modes sont très attendus sur consoles et qu'ils ne les ont pas pour l'instant prévus pour la version PC mais qu'il va voir ce qu'il peut faire.

There are multiplayer modes that are exclusive to the 360 right now but i'll see what we can do about incorporating in the PC version as well. We've seen these modes are very popular amongst the 360 crowd, which is why they are being included.

Enfin Mike Verdu confirme qu'il n'y a pas de version prévue sur PS3 mais que dans le futur il y a des chances pour que des RTS EALA sorte sur cette console.

We currently do not have plans for a PS3 RTS game, but bringing an RTS to the PS3 is certainly a possibility in the future.

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