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Command & Conquer SAGA

BCPT Jeudi soir en direct de londres


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Battlecast PrimeTime revient ce jeudi soir en direct de Londres pour deux heures de show.

Cette émission se tiendra depuis l'évènement EA "Be The One Event" lors du London Game's Festival place Trafalgar.

Il y aura des acteurs de CnC, un épisode spécial de Command School, un match Russie-UK, et pleins d'autres choses...

The Soviets are invading EA's "Be The One Event" at the London Game's Festival in Trafalgar Square this Thursday with a LIVE 2-hour premiere of BattleCast Primetime Season 2. This will be the most epic show of BattleCast Primetime ever and better yet, the C&C TV team is going to light up Trafalgar Square in London with a Soviet Invasion and Red Alert 3!

BE THE ONE officially opens on the evening of this Thursday, October 30 at 7:30 PM GMT (2:30PM PST), with a spectacular public premiere BattleCast Primetime event for your long-awaited Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. This televised and live streaming BattleCast Primetime event will see invited celebrities, Red Alert fans and hundreds and thousands of members of the public enter the BattleDome for an extravaganza that will include live and recorded appearances from some of the actors in the game such as Gemma Atkinson. In addition and for the first time, the game will be used for an international live challenge between Russia's "best C&C gamer" and Great Britain's very own WCG 2007 champ Shaun "Apolloo" Clark. You'll see a ton of new featured specials for Red Alert 3, a special episode of Command School, a live interview with James Hannigan (famed composer for Red Alert 3), and many more explosive surprises!

We'll be streaming the live show right here at RedAlert3.com and CommandandConquer.com, so get back here precisely at the time noted above when the event kicks off!

Season 2 premieres Thursday, LIVE!

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appearances from some of the actors in the game such as Gemma Atkinson


J'aime bien voir les acteurs, même s'ils feront peut-être de l'auto-satisfaction ( ce qu'on ne peut pas vraiment reprocher ^^ ).

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