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Command & Conquer SAGA

Patch 1.06 disponible


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Le patch 1.06 vient d'être mis en ligne. Pour le télécharger, utilisez l'auto-updater (50mo) ou un des liens a la fin de ce post.


• Assault Destroyers now target correctly.

• Allies and Soviets can no longer build structures on different

elevation from the structure that's granting the buildability.

• Engineers now correctly cannot attempt to capture structures

that are in the process of being sold (previously the engineers

would just be lost and the structures wouldn't be captured).


Patch 1.05>1.06 (50mo)

Patch 1.0>1.06 (900mo)

Edit: De nombreuse personnes (dont moi) ont du mal a se connecter a gamespy avec se nouveau patch (lors de la connexion chez moi sa frize...)

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