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Contrôle des Squads et infos...

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ZoneRunner, le community manager de Tiberium, vient de confirmer qu'on pourrait aussi contrôler les squads depuis la vue à la première personne et pas seulement depuis la vue "orbital" :

Yes, you'll be able to control your squads in your first person view, but you also have access to your BCU (Battle Control Uplink) which gives you an orbital perspective of the battlefield to make your decisions on.

Par ailleurs, il annonce qu'il y aura dans un futur proche beaucoup de nouveaux contenus sur le jeu mais qu'il est normal qu'après le rush de l'annonce il y est une petite période de pause avant que le marketing relance ses efforts.

There are going to be regular updates in due time. Most of you have been around long enough to know that this is how the cycles tend to work...

There's the big announcement of the game, full of assets and info. Then, things go a bit dark for a while, and eventually the big marketing push will slowly start to roll, and more information, interviews, screenshots, etc, begin to come out to support it. A lot of big movies work in very much the same way.

So don't worry! There's going to be plenty of fun to be had as we build up to the release of Tiberium!

Enfin il annonce qu'il y aura bientôt un skin pour le forum officiel et qu'il sortira en même temps que le nouveau site officiel :

Yes, the Tiberium forums will be getting a custom skin. It should launch when the new version of the website goes up, or around the same time... which isn't that far away :)

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