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Thanksgiving, Spam Lobby et Battlecast.

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Apoc vient de poster une série de messages sur le forum officiel : il commence par souhaiter une joyeuse Thanksgiving pour les américains et va profiter de ce long week-end en famille.

Sinon il annonce un patch serveur contre le spam du lobby lundi par Gamespy qui devrait améliorer la situation.

Battlecast PrimeTime 4 est annoncé pour la fin de semaine prochaine ainsi que la newsletter où l'on pourra voir le Titan et le Lycaon.

Enfin EALA travaille pour améliorer le ladder pour le rapprocher dans le futur de ce que peut faire Blizzard.

This only pertains to those in the U.S of A, Happy Thanksgiving!

And I do send my regards to England and my huge respect to Croatia. I have no allegiance, but that was quite a showmanship on the pitch.

And to the rest of the world, enjoy the start of the Holiday shopping season. We'll see what surprises are in store for C&C land. I sense 2007 still has quite some powerful wings left.

I am currently doing the family thing, I apologize in advance if my absence here extends through the weekend or rare appearances until Monday. Don't think i'm not watching with the mods!

Next week:

- Gamespy will deploy a server patch Monday night which will fix the chat spam issue, yes believe it or not, this is happening. Finally...I know. Good, hellz yes.

- BattleCast Primetime end of week

-C&C Newsletter First Look at the Wolverine and Titan - O YEA!

I eat my turkey tonight and give thanks to this wonderful community which I am thankful to be the community manager of, am I being too nice? =) mwahahaha...


The BC system is half the equation, the main reason is to allow players to play a top ranked player or take a shot at them so to speak. The auto-matching does match up people within your rank....if they are online and auto-matching as well.

So maybe its the problem that high ranked players are using custom match against each other and aren't always in the automatch system, so therefore, you feel you don't get matched up against them. That could be part of the problem.

A problem does exist with the matching system, I agree. The perfect solution is not at hand yet, but i'll see what we can do. I love this thread and I like the ideas being generated.

I do envy Blizzards system overall, if I had to guess, I think our team will be the next to make a system which closely matches what they do. Its a lot of time investment and we've been slowly building up to it. I think we'll get there with more of what you want.

Thanks guys,


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