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10 ans de CnCNZ + passé d'Apoc...


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Notre partenaire CnCNZ fête depuis la rentrée ses 10 ans avec de nombreux évènements. Le dernier en date un tour de table avec des grands noms de la communauté anglophone (Sonic, Saracen, Zee Hypnotist | APOC | Lion, Banshee, Chickendippers | Luk3us) qui viennent partager entre autres comment ils ont rejoint la communauté et comment ils ont connu CNCNZ.

:arrow: http://www.cncnz.com/features/roundtable/1107.php

Cette discussion nous permet d'en savoir un peu plus sur l'arrivée d'Apoc au poste de Community Manager. Je vous laisse la lire en anglais, si besoin je traduirais en partie. Je précise juste que Delphi, c'est Chris Rubyor l'ancien Community Manager.

APOC: Most people in the C&C community don't know about the uprising of APOC, and how I came to be in this honorable seat of community power (and nobody knows the mystery behind my handle as well, not yet at least). I think some think I came in and invaded Delphi's office, stealing documents and framing him in a deep dark conspiracy with Kane (surprise surprise), thus forcing him to move to Petroglyph, this is absolutely not the case! Delphi was actually a mentor to me before he departed, and someone I still stay in touch with from time to time. We have the utmost respect for each other.

The long and short of my story is EA Los Angeles offered me a contract position back in March 2004 to be the Marketing Assistant on The Battle for Middle-earth, with no guarantee. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I think about the adventure. The EALA studio was just building up and thus there were only a number of permanent spots available at the time. So it was up to me to prove my worth to the company! I then started to plan community events for The Lord of the Rings RTS franchise and assimilate myself as the “quasi-community EA LOTR community manager” on the message boards, it wasn't an official title but it was a role I naturally started to take on, nobody else was. Of course, that is also when the C&C community would start e-mailing me and asking for support, and I could not accommodate at the time, primarily because we were not working on any Command & Conquer projects and as I said, my primary role was being the Marketing Assistant. To this day, I'm still juggling many multiple roles.

Then I got the dream job and was the official Assistant Producer / Community Manager for The Lord of the Rings and Command & Conquer. I moved over from the marketing spectrum over to the development team and thus started to carve out my path. Since February 2005 I've evolved in to your official Command & Conquer Community Manager as my primary role, helping you guys in bringing this community back to its growing roots. You'd have to live under a pile of Tiberium to not know about CNCNZ.com. Along with the Den, Planet C&C, and C&C Saga, CNCNZ.com was one of the first sites I became affiliated with. I think it was Saracen who sent me a love letter in the mail initially, it's a bit blurry, but I think I have that in my files somewhere. For his sake, I will keep it hidden.

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des themes de bureau, les missions playstation de C&C 1 adaptées au Pc, des p'tites modifs pour renegade(notamment des bots), une allocution du commando Havok.

et bien sûr le Westwood map manager car je suis très interressé par le mapping ;)

(mon prochain projet si je trouve un éditeur et que je termine ma map en cours sera une map pour renegade)

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