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Command & Conquer SAGA

Ask a developer & smarter than Command School !


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Apoc vient de lancer deux topics sur le forum officiels, le premier "Ask a developer" où vous pourrez, comme annoncé dans Battlecast PrimeTime 3, poser une question aux développeurs de CnC. Les meilleures questions seront répondues dans les Battlecast PrimeTime.

Pour cela il vous suffit de poster votre question sur le topic et Apoc vous encore à poster vos questions sous forme vidéo grace à YouTube.

:arrow: http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?threadID=302184&tstart=0

Hey everyone,

Now that the new episode of BattleCast Primetime Episode 3 is out in the wild, you all know about the new "ASK A DEVELOPER" portion of the show.

So here it is, this thread is where we choose questions to answer in the next episode of BattleCast Primetime, debuting at the end of November.

We will give creative preference to anyone who posts their question via You-Tube or video and provides a link here. Lets just say, we appreciate anyone who wants to go the extra mile!

I would like to personally request the questions here be tailored towards how we develop aspects of the game or how certain aspects of the game are determined.

Feel free to ask any questions pertaining to Kanes Wrath or C&C 3. We'd prefer not a million balance questions :o)

Get creative guys!



Sinon dans le deuxième Topic "Think you´re smarter than Command School? Prove it!", Apoc vous propose de donner des meilleures stratégies ques celles de Command & School. Pour cela envoyez vos replays commentés à commandschool@ea.com . La meilleure stratégie sera mise dans l'émission Command & School chaque mois. Là encore Apoc vous encourage à être créatif et à utiliser la vidéo et Youtube pour expliquer votre stratégie.

:arrow: http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?threadID=302695&tstart=0

Hey guys,

Here it is, finally, your biggest challenge yet...

Last month, Command School brought beginner and intermediate strategies to you direct from the developers themselves. But many of you thought you were too cool for school! Well, if you think you have what it takes to move to the head of the class, apply for Command School Honors. It´s easy: come up with the most elite strategy you can pull off, and use it on an unsuspecting victim! Then save the replay and add a voice commentary explaining why your strategy is the best, and e-mail us the replay file (commandschool@ea.com). Each month we´ll pick the most advanced, unique, and technically challenging strategy to show off, complete with developer insight from producer Greg Kasavin!

So there you go, if you think you can wow us and the community with your hot strategies, then follow the steps above and e-mail your submission to commandschool@ea.com.

Major bonus creative points for anyone who can do this by showing themselves on video as well. Get creative, use YouTube.

Goodluck, time to prove yourself


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