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Une interview de 2POC avec l'équipe de Renegade X

[q]2POC: First of all, please give the community a short overview of what Renegade X has to offer!

Fobby: Thanks for the interview, my alias is [NE]Fobby[GEN] and I am the founder, sound engineer, and public relations representative of the Renegade X project. In brief, the Renegade X mod is a project aiming at recreating Westwood´s “Command & Conquer: Renegade†on Unreal Tournament 3. You will be capable of using your favorite weapons and vehicles from C&C Renegade on the spectacular Unreal Engine 3. Expect some stunning visuals, astonishing audio, and some fantastic new features and game modes you would have never expected to see in the original game.

2POC: How large is the team? Has the team grown in size over time?

Fobby: We´ve got an extremely large and ambitious team behind this project. All of our members have prerequisite experience in game and mod development, some of which have even gotten into the industry. At the moment we've got 25 members. Some of us are hardcore fans of our own mod, working on it every day, while others are semi-active. The team, of course, started off medium-sized, but quickly grew and hovered between 20 and 30 members for the past year or so.

2POC: In terms of units, structures, and maps, how much of the original Renegade will be seen in RenX?

Fobby: Every weapon, vehicle, structure, character, and hopefully every map seen in the original game will make an appearance in Renegade X. Mind you, not all of this will appear in the first release, but eventually with patches and multiple beta, the fans will get what they have been promised with and more!

2POC: Are any new gameplay features being added to the multiplayer experience?

Fobby: Almost too many to count. The mod already features better physics, graphics, and audio than the original game. Once the mod is at a more complete state, it will feature new modes like objective-based modes, a C&C/CTF hybrid, and possibly even a sort of World Domination mode. Renegade X will later feature server side options for hosts to set up things like vehicle limits, mine limits, player-buildable harvesters, custom crates and much more.

2POC: How many players will be supported for each map?

Fobby: The maximum player count at the moment for Renegade X is 64 players, which allows large battles with teams of 32 players each. However, our maps are also compatible with low player counts for those who prefer smaller games.

2POC: Have you worked on any mods in the past?

Fobby: Collectively, this is Totem Arts' first project. However, our team includes former members of many mods, mutators, and projects besides our own. I, Fobby, have worked with the C&C Reborn mod for Renegade and many other projects. Just to mention a few other names, Havoc89, was a former leader of the Tiberian Aftermath mod and current Lead Artist of Renegade X, and is behind all of the editor work and is responsible for many of our beautiful assets. JeepRubi, who created the famous Project Regenesis mod for C&C3, and is a member of the Mideast Crisis 2 project, is also an active artist who has worked on maps, vehicles, and weapons. Maty, one of our weapons artists, was a member of the Jurassic Rage mods for the Unreal Tournament series. Kevin Vassey, our superweapons animator, is an animator for Dreamworks. Our coders (Switch, Pr0ex, War-Lord, John 'Avalanche' Melton, RypeL and others) have worked with their own fair share of mutators and mods. A few of us have worked with C&C Reborn, Red Alert: A Path Beyond, and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising. The list goes on and on - all in all, we are a mod with a fair bit of experience.

2POC: Have you encountered any problems with RenX that were hard to fix?

Fobby: We run into conundrums almost on a daily basis, but thankfully, no problem has been consistent or has taken up all of the team's time and effort.

2POC: What has been the most fun part of creating this mod?

Fobby: That's probably the toughest question I've had to answer. Picking favorites is always hard. But, I would have to say that the most entertaining part of the mod's development would have to be spending time with the team. After more than two years of development, we've grown into sort of family. We communicate through the forums, MSN, and Teamspeak on a daily basis, and I have a blast when working with the team, as we are constantly making jokes and having a good time, whether we are testing the mod, playing a good ol' Command & Conquer game, or simply relaxing and exchanging words and ideas. I wouldn't exchange this mod team for anything. Well, maybe a few billion bucks. But that's it, I promise. ;)

2POC: What is your favorite faction to play as, and why?

Fobby: When growing up with C&C 95 and Tiberian Sun, I was in a family of brothers and cousins who were all at least slightly older than I, and were what you would call a "GDI family". But, after playing through the Nod campaign of C&C 95 as a six year old kid, I discovered that I had actually preferred Nod. I mean, who could honestly say no to Kane, Stealth Tanks, and Obelisks? This trend continued through Tiberian Sun and into C&C Renegade (where I had created the "Nod Elites" gaming clan), and until today. So, on a personal level, I belong to the Brotherhood.

2POC: After watching your new trailer, it is obvious that the mod is coming along nicely, and the team is making great strides in development. How far along are you? Do you have any estimated time frame for release?

Fobby: I am glad that the latest updates have been well received by the community. As for our release, it is just around the corner. Our first public beta release will not contain all of the features I have mentioned, but we do plan on releasing a very basic form of the Renegade X mod very soon. We will then add the rest of the mod with patches and more beta updates, and believe me, there will be many, each with a plethora of new features both in-game and server-side. Simply pay very close attention to the mod's updates in the coming weeks.

Thank you Fobby![/q]

Le lien de l'interview:http://portal.commandandconquer.com/portal/site/tiberium/article/detail?contentId=d01fd25b29a03210VgnVCM1000006017780aRCRD

Et surtout de nouveaux Screens:

OMG l'obelisque: obeliskoflight.jpg

Old vs New: vs2n.jpg


Lien moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/renegade-x/news/ea-interviews-renegade-x

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Ce serait bien la seule raison que j'aurais de me payer le jeu de base, pour ce Mod.

Il est bien UT3. Avec le titan patch qui est une grosse DLC gratuite, je précise, et tout le contenu de la communauté supporté par Epic game grâce aux MSUC l'intérêt du jeu est décuplé encore.

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