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Command & Conquer SAGA

EALA Cypher et EALA Vision


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EALA Predator nous informe sur les forums officiels que son équipe s'aggrandit avec deux admins pour les forums.

Tout d'abord EALA Cypher, un ancien de planetCnC, qui s'occupera des forums CnC3.

I'm pleased to announce a new Admin here on the C&C forums, someone who has been with the C&C Franchise for many years, a hardcore dedicated fan, and also someone who has been a community leader for quite some time. Most of you know him as Cypher, now you will know him on these boards as EALA Cypher, my second in command moderator on these boards who will help me keep the peace, keep me informed, and moderate.

Puis EALA Vision pour les forums Battle for Middle Earth.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been searching for someone to help moderate and rejuvenate the BFME2 Message Boards here and I am pleased to announce and introduce my newest second in command on the boards, who will be known as EALA Vision. While the name is appropriate, Vision has been a part of the BFME2 community since Day 1, and has always been a behind the scenes influencer amongst the community.

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