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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod The Ultimate Revenge


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Its time for a war,

A war between machines and a alien race.

A race that is far more stronger then the Scrin.

You fought against the scrin, you fought against gdi and nod.

but, can we fight against this?

For years gdi and nod are in a war, but deep in the universe lies a enemy waiting to attack.

They call theirselfs the scrin. They want tiberium to survive.

The earth thought that the scrin was hard to defeat. GDI thought they had a weapon that could destroy them all. Kane thought he has won, and that he has the tacitus complete.

They are all wrong.

Deep in the universe lies a enemy, far more stronger then the scrin, more technology then gdi and nod together. They hold something that could destroy the entire universe.

They have....... the last part of the tacitus.

Can WE survive this???

Single and multiplayer

Sides to play :






new Alien race .

Nod allience ( NOD, marked of kane & black hand)

gdi allience (Gdi & Talon.)

Scrin allience ( Scrin, Reaper)

nod AI allience, (Cabal & legion)

gdi ai allience ( Eva & the forgotton)

Ultimate gods ( NOD & new alien race.)

EDIT 18 March

Comes with the complete SOURCE CODE & kane's Wrath custom codes

Comes with his own installer (tiberiumwars/modsdk/ultimate)

Together with the ultimate revenge mod.

si quelqu'un arrive a trouver le dernier download, ca m'interesse, ya que des vieilles versions sur moddb

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