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EalaPredator répond aux questions fans inquiets sur le support apporté à la Terre du Mileu en ces temps de Command and Conquer. EA n'abonne pas la Terre du Mileu et va bien entendu sortir un patch pour l'avènement du Roi sorcier, même plusieurs pour que l'add-on soit équilibré.

Le premier patch prend un peu plus de temps à sortir que prévu car ils ne sont pas des machines et que les fêtes de noel + la grande activité sur CnC les ont retardés, mais ils ne comptent pas arrêter le support après 6 semaines.

1. What plans of action does EA have regarding this game and its future in terms of support?

-Our plan is simple, we are dedicated to supporting the BFME community. Just because C&C is our current focus, does not mean the BFME community will be abandoned. Please understand, we do not have unlimited resources and are working on new systems of support in this department. But as I said, abandonment is never an option. I personally apologize for my absence due to the holidays and recent C&C push. Its always a challenge handling both, but i've got some help.

2. Please look into the various issues and problems with the game in regards to not only balance but new difficulties introduced by the expansion.

-We are of course looking into this, its standard for creating a patch

3. Is any change going to be made for Fellbeasts and their powers? If you do not know what I am referring to, then check here :

http: //forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa? threadID=123008&start=0&tstart=0

I'll look into this again and note it, at the time it was not an option. Now that we are balancing, it can be looked into. Certainly, our focus for 1.01 is critical balance, not huge overhaul, but i'll see what is most critical from this thread.

4. Do you plan on acting in any way to the negativity now aimed towards this game due to balance, technical, and support issues?

Well of course, at the end of the day, we're only human and not patching machines that can pump out a patch every other week. The game has only been out for 6 weeks, and YES, it definitely needs a patch sooner than later and we will patch it. As for further support, we're always thinking of ideas, supporting our fan-sites with prizes, and so forth. If you have ideas, post them. Community support is not just about patches and dispelling negativity on message boards, at least not to me Its certain the primary focus most often.

5. Do you plan on actually listening to the community and community issues with the games from now on in the Battle for Middle Earth II and beyond forums?

I always do, its just been an unfortunate matter of mis-time management between here and C&C and the Holiday rush. Yes of course, we never listen anywhere else.

Its basically here, MEVault, Gamerplays, HeavenGames. and Middle-earth Center primarily.

- Predator

EALAPredator a aussi posté une première liste de modification pour le patch 1.01 de l'Avènement du Roi-Sorcier. (liste trop longue, voir forum)

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Hey guys,

We have every intent to bring back aspects of Patch 1.05, but not in its full capacity immedietly. Like I said, ROTWK is a very different game with new units an an Angmar faction, so we can't just mirror copy it. But, I spoke with our designers and two of our creators for patch 1.05 and here are the critical changes from 1.05 we are going to pursue for ROTWK Patch 1.01. These changes should definitely address the top issues like Axe Throwers and Archers being OP.

Important Note


Values notation, when using slashes, means damage done or taken without/with upgrade

Example: “Unit X more resistant to pierce damage (50%/30% from 100%/50%)” means Unit X when unarmored now takes 50% damage from pierce attacks (from 100%), and with heavy armor takes 30% damage from that damage type (from 50%).

General - Unit


• Soldier units in general more resistant to pierce (125/30% taken from 150/75%) and crush (125/65% from 50/100%); with heavy armor more vulnerable to cavalry (120% from 75%) and cavalry-ranged (80% from 40%), more resistant to fire (30% from 50%) and magic (20% from 50%); Flanked penalty -66/- 50%, except for the lorien and orc warriors; Forged blades now have a +100% damage bonus vs other infantry units and +50% vs heroes (except for the Lorien Warrior)

(The following system can also be applied to Angmar)

•Hero armor more resistant to pierce (18% from 25%), cavalry (30% from 50%), specialist (15% from 25%),

magic (20% from 100%) and poison (40% from 75%); more vulnerable to slash (40% from 25%) and crush damage (50% from 1%)

•Mounted Hero armor now more resistant to pierce (15% from 50%), slash (25% from 50%), poison (50% from 75%) and magic (50% from 100%); more vulnerable to flame (40% from 25%) and structural (100% from 50%)

•Tough hero armor more resistant to magic (17% from 100%), structural (40% from 50%), flame (25% from 17%),and pierce (15% from 25%); more vulnerable to specialist (42% from 25%), hero (65% from 50%), and crush (35% from 1%)

•Light Hero Armor more resistant to flame (10% from 25%) and specialist (10% from 25%) damages; more vulnerable to cavalry (60% from 25%), crush (50% from 1%) and pierce (30% from 25%)

•All artillery units more resistant to siege (75% from 100%), flame (30% from 100%) and magic (50% from 100%); more vulnerable to crush (40% from 1%)

(Critical fix to fix the ranger issue, see Men of West ranger fix as well)

•Height range bonus fixed at 1 for ranged units and heroes and 2 for artillery units; mountain giant bonus 2.5; bombard range now 15% higher than the default attack range, scatter radius doubled (60 from 30)

• Walls, wall upgrades and wall Hubs can now only be attacked by siege and structural damage dealing units

Creeps and Powers


• Heal power restores up to 50% of health (from 100%), radius 200 (from 100); no longer works on ring heroes, machines or monsters

•Structure Rebuild Power reload now faster (4m from 6m), affects a smaller area (100 from 300)

•Darkness, Freezing Rain (6m from 9m) and cloud Break (7m30s from 8m20s) recharge faster; Rain power now also debuffs the enemy, duration 2m30s (from 3m)

Men of the West


(Critical fix associated to the height range bonus)

•Rangers cost 600 (from 500), health 300 (from 400), population 70 (from 60); pierce damage (65 from 75), flame damage 18 (from 50), rapid fire mode (double rate) after second arrow fired, +35% attack bonus vs monster units (except summons); more resistant to pierce (70% from 100%), more vulnerable to crush (450% from 200%); longshot ability now requires level 2, damage 100 (from 200)

Rohirrim health 450 (from 800), base damage 80 (from 60) with 11.5 radius splash; more



• Guardian now more resistant to pierce (75/30% from 150/75%), hero-ranged (140/70% from 200/100%)

and poison (60/30% from 100/50%), more vulnerable to crush (160/80% from 100/50%), cavalry (200% from 150%), cavalry- ranged (110/70% from 100/50%) and structural (120/40% from 100/20%); speed 37 (from 40);

Bullrush reload 2m (from 3m), now increases speed by 25% and armor by 25% (from 50%), damage bonus removed

•Guardian delay between shots increased (1.6s from 1s), captures structures faster (7s from 15s), weapon with forged blades damage reduced (100 from 150); siege hammer and forged blades are now mutually

exclusive (only one or the other can be researched), siege hammer damage is now siege type (from slash)

(Axe thrower critical change)

•Axe Thrower armor more resistant to pierce (60/30% from 100/50%), and crush (175% from 200%),

more vulnerable to cavalry (300/150 from 200/100) and siege (120/60% from 100/50%); base damage reduced (20/40 from 50/75), delay between shots 1.2s (from 0.5s), range 370 (from 250), damage type slash (from pierce), bonus vs structures removed (was +5000%)

•Men of Dale Black arrows now deal hero damage type, damage increased (100 from 75)

•Battle Wagon now on level 2 forge works, can now capture neutral buildings, trample damage 180 (from 300), trample-deceleration 3% (from 2%), minimum speed 57% (from 50%), experience requirements doubled; more resistant to pierce (15% from 50%), and slash (20% from 80%), cavalry- ranged resistance mantained (100%); more vulnerable to hero (200% from 60%); oil barrel decay 1.5 (from 25), reloads in 1m20s (from 1m)

• Dwarven Riches power position switched with Hobbit allies, Undermine switched with cloudbreak



•Lorien Warrior cost 400 (from 300), health 160 (from 125); Heavy Armor base resistance 30% higher, more resistant to fire and magic (20% for fire and 13% for magic from 50% respectively for both) and hero-ranged (75% from 100%), more vulnerable to structural (40% from 20%) and cavalry-ranged (80% from 40%); forged blades damage reduced (120 from 160); -50% damage penalty vs structures

•Mithlond Sentry buildtime 42s (from 30s); Heavy Armor base resistance 30% higher; more resistant to slash (200/80% from 200/100%), cavalry-ranged (30/20% from 100/50%) and hero (120/90% from 200/100%); more vulnerable to flame and magic damages (100/75% from 100/50%); -50% damage penalty vs structures

• Lorien archers build time decreased (25 from 30s), pierce damage 40/40 (from 40/60), clip reload time 766ms (from 2s max), more crush vulnerable (250/150% from 200/100%);

• Giant Eagle cost 1000 (from 2000), speed 120 (from 88), added arrow dodge chance (20%), more resistant to pierce (40% from 100%), ranged-hero (60% from 100%), flame and magic (30% from 50%) damages, more vulnerable to slash (30% from 0%) damage; health doubled (4000 from 2000), 10x damage bonus vs machines, -70% damage penalty vs heroes



•Drummer troll cost 400 (from 750), speed 40 (from 32); more resistant to pierce (15% from 25%), hero-ranged (75% from 200%), flame (15% from 75%), magic (15% from 200%) and structural (10% from 100%); leadership effectiveness range 320 (from 200)

•Mumakil cost 1800 (from 1600), more resistant to slash (15% from 100%), specialist (30% from 175%), hero (75% from 200%) and structural (20% from 25%); more vulnerable to pierce (75% from 25%), hero-ranged (200% from 100%), siege (150% from 100%), flame (275 from 175%) and magic (225% from 175%); experience requirements doubled, speed 45 (from 50), crush damage 800 (from 400); charge trample now does 40x damage to heroes, reload 45s (from 30s); now comes with a haradrim lancer horde which can be evacuated (additional 30 command points)

•Awaken wyrm and barrage powers position switched; Barrage now has a 3s delay after firing, spread apart in a larger radius (225 from 150), damage 400 (from 150), shockwave power 75 (from 50)

•Barricade power position switched by industry; Barricade archers range 320 (from 275), minimum reload time 0.8s (from 1.5s), -40% damage penalty vs heroes and structures

•Fellbeast armor more resistant to pierce and hero-ranged (80% from 100%), flame and magic (160% from 200%),

more vulnerable to structural (100% from 50%); buildtime 95s (from 60s), plow damage now Hero type (from Siege)



•Uruk Fighter population 75 (from 60), buildtime 33s (from 30s), deals Uruk damage (from slash), capture time 20s (from 15s); more pierce resistant (140/40% from 150/75%), more vulnerable to Uruk (150% from 100%)

and crush (150/75% from 100/50%); bloodthirst experience bonus +20% (from +10%)

•Crossbow cost 350 (from 300), buildtime 37s (from 30s), health 110 (from 160), speed 58 (from 50); more resistant to pierce (85/40% from 100/50%) and poison (50/25% from 100/50%), more vulnerable to slash (120/60% from 100/50%); damage 65 (from 25), pre-attack delay 820ms (from 500ms), flame damage 35 (from 25)

•Pikemen more vulnerable to flame (100/75% from 100/50%), more resistant to hero (150/90% from 200/100%), hero-ranged (160/80% from 200/100%) and cavalry-ranged (30/20% from 100/50%), speed 58 (from 50), damage reduced (40/80 from 45/90)

•Berserker more resistant to pikes (70% from 100%), less resistant to defenses (35% from 25%), -20% penalty vs. cavalry

•Warg Rider damage 63/125 (from 100/200), crush deceleration 20% (from 50%), trample now does 70 crush (from 60) with splash (5 units), more vulnerable to cavalry-ranged (150/75% from 100/50%), innate healing on level 2; Howl damage boost +60% (from +50%), armor bonus removed, duration 29s (from 45s)

• Wildmen Allies power position switched by Devastation, Watcher in the water switched by fuel the fires

•Uruk pit buildtime increased (35s from 15s); Battle Tower now has 1700 hp (from 2500); Furnace health 750 (from 2000)



(Speed should be reset to Patch 1.02 setting)

• Marauder population cost 64 (from 48); more resistant to cavalry-ranged (50%/30% from 100% 50%), Hero (120/80% from 200/100%) and Hero-ranged (150/75% from 200/100%); more vulnerable to pierce (180/100% from 125/65%), specialist (175/130% from 100/50%), slash (250/115% from 200/100%), flame and magic damages (75% from 50%); Heavy Armor base effectiveness reduced by 30%; attack delay between shots 1.4 s (from 0.9s)

•Fire Drake starts on level 5, speed 80 (from 120), more resistant to pierce (30% from 100%), poison (30% from 50%), magic (20% from 100%), cavalry (20% from 50%), specialist (30% from 100%) and structural damage (15% from 50%); Inferno start range 80 (from 90), damage arc 60 (from 90), population cost 50 (from 25); Fortress Fire Drake is now level 10

•Spider Rider health increased (700 from 600), speed 83 (from 90), minimum speed 60% (from 40%), trample damage 80 (from 160), sword damage 120/200 (from 150/300), requires Venom Sacs upgrade to get poison damage; bow damage 40 (from 50), fire damage 30 (from 25); more resistant to flame (60% from 100%), magic (30% from 100%), cavalry (80% from 100%) and specialist (150% from 200%)

•Cave Troll rock damage increased (250 from 200); double damage and wider splash (120 from 100 radius) against walls

•Spiderling allies power position switched by wildmen summon

You like?

And apologies to the people who already wrote a long thread about this, I just wanted to get a more official one going, never hurts!


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Message d'aaron sur le patch :

Guys, I understand your frustration with no patch out yet, its perfectly understandable, this is longer than usual in comparison to BFME1 and 2 first patches.

With regards to GameReplays patch, first off, this is nothing new. People in the forums create their own patches the day after we release any game, same happend with BFME2. We balance the game one way, and for those that dont like it or find flaws quickly they are able to put a patch put very quickly.

While there is no problem with that, there is no guarantee any fan-made patch you download is safe for the game and while a small percentage of people may be happy with it, when we patch, we patch for every single person who has bought the game. We can't run the risk of breaking the game with a quick patch.

I've explained before but there are processes which a patch must go through before it goes public. After we do the bug fixing and balancing it goes to QA for extensive testing then two other approval processes and then localization for all countries and then into your hands. If that sounds like a lot, it is and its largely out of our control from a development team standpoint, but its a process that protects the sanctity of the patch, even if it doesnt fix everythign everyone is asking for.

So yes, this patch for ROTWK is late and later than expected and communication about it has not been effective. That is largely impart due to C&C 3 development which has sucked up a ton of time and resources, but that does not by any means no support here. ROTWK is finding large success in sales and with the BFME2 crowd and it is being fully supported.

The GR patch is awesome, but adding Arnor and heroes from other factions and re-tooling War of the Ring to the way they want is not the way the game was designed. Thats not something we would do in a patch. We purposely left Arnor in for modders to disect and make a faction out of, but its not part of the overall faction schema for ROTWK, its part of the single player story. Adding one faction in Angmar and units to other factions was pleasing to everyone.

So, as I said earlier in the week, the patch is well under development right now and will be going to our QA department soon. I'll keep you guys more posted on the timeline. My lack of communication this week does not mean anything about the status of the patch, its being worked on as quickly as possible. Please don't forget the Holidays also put a huge damper with people out of the office and getting ramped back up.

But, you guys are absolutely right, it is late and we're moving as quickly as possible on it.

We are taking the most critical changes from 1.05 based on the community feedback and addressing the top balance complaints and bugs.


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